Interview Success

4 steps to job interview success (and the one thing that could ruin it all)

13/09/2013BY: Tracey Mesken

Job hunting is almost never easy, but one of the most difficult aspects of this process can be the dreaded face to face interview.

A job interview can be like the final hurdle in a 110 metre dash. You've done all the hard work, polished up your resume, and made all the right impressions. But now that you have your foot in the door, it's more important than ever not to trip up.

With that in mind, here are four secrets to mastering the job interview - whether you're applying for key management positions or entry level factory jobs, these tips will help you dazzle your employer and maximise your chance of success.

1. Have specific examples prepared

Before you arrive at the interview, make sure you have done your homework. Read the job listing carefully and pinpoint the key characteristics your employer is looking for. Use this knowledge to put together some examples from your past experiences that show you are a good fit for the job. Employers love facts, so any hard statistics or detailed anecdotes you can provide will be an asset.

2. Be active and ask questions

Interviews are a two way street. Don't just sit there twiddling your thumbs and answering questions, try to get involved and engage with the interviewer. Ask questions about the position and company, and show you've done your research. This will demonstrate your commitment to the role. Feel free to prepare a list of questions beforehand, as it's OK to refer to notes in your interview.

3. Don't take anything for granted

Too often, job applicants jump ahead of themselves and start asking inappropriate questions before the interview has even wrapped up. Try to leave questions about salary and start dates until after you've been offered the position, unless you think there is something your potential employer needs to know.

4. Follow up

Always follow up your interview with an email note to the company. Make sure you express your appreciation for the opportunity. Follow up emails are also a good way to address any concerns you might have had or ask any questions you forgot to bring up. Keep things appropriate and use the right medium - a txt message reading "Thnx for the chance! Hope I get da job" is a sure fire way to put yourself out of the running.


You've read this far and now you want to know - what is the one mistake that can cost you your dream job?

The biggest mistake that people undergoing job interviews make…is losing confidence in themselves. You have to believe in yourself if you're going to win over employers and convince them of your abilities. So regardless of how poorly your past interviews have gone, remember that your dream job is just one great interview away.