Safety At Heights3

Safety in focus: Working safely at heights

04/09/2014BY: Tracey Mesken

​A dangerous height in the workplace is classified as one where a fall from one level to another is likely to cause injury to the person involved or to anyone else.  When working at a height, identify, assess and control all potential risks.

Identifying & Assessing Hazards

Always inspect your work area to determine whether there is a risk of someone falling, and how likely it is to happen, especially when on a fragile or unstable surfaces, near an unprotected edges or opening and in bad weather conditions.

Controlling Risk

All potential risks need to be controlled by either eliminating the hazard entirely (eg. by working on the ground if possible) or minimising it by;

  • substituting a work method with a less hazardous one, e.g. using walkways for access instead of using ladders

  • isolating the hazard, e.g. using a physical barrier or edge protection systems

  • modifying the system of work or equipment, e.g. by using a travel restraint

  • adopting  administrative controls so the time or conditions of exposure to the risk is reduced

  • using personal protective equipment.

While employers are primarily accountable for ensuring a safe work environment, always be responsible for your own safety at work.

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