Interview Checklist

The essential job interview preparation checklist

02/09/2014BY: Tracey Mesken

​The biggest reason for failure in an interview is a lack of sufficient planning. By getting the basic preparation right and checking off of a few important things, you can alleviate a lot of those pre-interview nerves and clear your mind for the task ahead.

The following checklist is a good signpost for the practice you should be doing before, and the things you should be taking to, every interview. Follow it carefully and you can be confident that you have the very basics of the interview covered.

Company research

  • Have you visited the company website?

  • Do you have a clear idea of;

    - what their key products and/or services are

    - where they are based

    - which industries they work in

    - how big they are (in terms of revenue, employee size etc.)

    - who their main competitors are

  • Do you know the name, job title and role/responsibilities of the interviewer?

Role requirements

  • Have you read the job ad/description thoroughly?

  • Do you know the key requirements the employer is looking for and can you map. your own experience/skills/qualities to the role?

  • Can you talk about at least 3 key professional achievements relevant to the role?

  • Do you know a ballpark compensation range for the role type? (this requires a little research).

  • Have you prepared a list of 5 questions to ask the interviewer about the company or role?

Interview preparation

  • Do you have your 2-minute elevator pitch down pat? This is a quick summary about yourself and your work background.

  • Have you prepared your answers to standard interview questions (eg. your strengths and weaknesses)?

  • Can you answer questions briefly and succinctly?

  • Can you comfortably expand on key points in your resume?

  • Have you practiced your responses out loud? (a mock interview with family/friends is helpful).

Things to take with you

  • The interview time, date, location and directions in writing.

  • A contact number in case you are running late and need to inform the interviewer.

  • An extra resume and a few examples of your work (professionally presented).

  • A pen – you never know when you'll need to fill out a form or take notes.

  • Breath mints and perfume/deodorant.

Also remember to…

  • Determine an appropriate outfit beforehand, making sure its appropriate to the company style.

  • Be well groomed – polished shoes, neat nails etc.

  • Preplan your travel to the interview, allowing yourself extra time in case you are delayed.

  • Have a contingency plan in place in case things run over time (transportation, child care etc.).

  • Get a good night’s sleep the day before. The more refreshed you are, the better you’ll feel!

This handy interview checklist is a sure way of knowing that you have completed all the essentials to be ready for your job interview. The only thing left to do is to stay focused, put aside any worries and walk into your interview feeling confident.