Communicating With A Recruiter

Tips for communicating with recruiters

29/07/2015BY: Tracey Mesken

​Recruiters can receive 100’s of resumes for every position they advertise, so how do you get their attention? How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd in a positive way?

Recruiters are paid to find the best person for the job. Their success is totally based upon this. Understanding how a recruiter’s job works and how to communicate with them goes a long way in avoiding misunderstandings during the hiring process as well as easing any frustration you may feel. This mutual understanding may leave a positive impression of you, and may even lead you to your next great job opportunity.
Know the advantages of working with a recruiter and what they can and can’t do for you

There are several advantages to working with a recruiter. For example, recruiters have often worked with the company in the past and have valuable information about the company, allowing them to prepare you for what you may encounter through the hiring process. If you are introduced to the hiring company, through a recruiter, this is a good indication to them that you are a solid candidate for the position they have available.

A recruiters primary role is to screen candidates for their clients, ensuring that the best people are put forward for the position. Here are some tips for getting the most from your relationship with a recruiter.

Do not use generic resumes and cover letters

You are unique and this is what you need to demonstrate first up to a recruiter. What experiences, achievements and personal qualities can you offer that will give you that advantage over others that have a similar employment history, job titles and qualifications? Communicate these aspects about yourself to get noticed by a recruiter. When you respond to a recruiters ad, tailor your resume and cover letter to the specifications listed for the position. Recruiters are trained to notice detail so if the job ad lists the recruiters name make sure you address your cover to them directly.

Only apply for positions that you are qualified to do

Digital technology has massively changed how people search for jobs. With ease you can send your resume out to may potential employers and recruitment companies. However, contrary to popular belief landing a job is not a numbers game and recruiters are often flooded with resumes and applications from unqualified candidates.

To ensure that you gain credibility with a recruiter only apply for positions that you are qualified for. Sorting through 100’s of resumes of unqualified applicants can be extremely frustrating for a recruiter and is a huge waste of their time. Take the time to read the job ad carefully, making sure that your qualifications match those that are required. Applying for positions that do not match your skills and qualifications will not get you any closer to landing a job.

Know when to accept “No”

If you are a good applicant for a position a recruiter is looking for, they will get in contact with you. It is important to know when to accept “no” and avoid repeatedly calling. This behaviour will only alienate you from a recruiter. If you were not successful in your application it was because another candidate was more qualified and better suited to the position. Accepting this gracefully and moving forward demonstrates a professional attitude to the recruiter, leaving them with a favourable impression of you which can be valuable for future opportunities.
These are just some tips to help in communicating with recruiters. As with all relationships we build, common courtesy and attention to the “little” details goes a long way. These building blocks will determine the overall success and mutual benefit of your relationship with a recruiter. Make sure your first impression is the right one. It can make all the difference in landing that job.