Dos Donts Of Interviews

The Dos and Don’ts of Interviews

02/09/2015BY: Tracey Mesken

​ Interviews are one of the most important aspects in landing that job you have been chasing. Regardless of whether the interview is with the company you are being put forward to or with the recruitment agency you have been dealing with, leaving a good impression is a must.


Interview Don’ts

Don’t show up late. Always give yourself more time then you think you will actually need to get to the interview. Showing up late is a sign of bad behaviour, now and in the future.

Don’t dress inappropriately. If you are unsure of what to wear to the interview, check with your recruiter first. Regardless of how casual, always ensure you are showered, tidy and your clothes and shoes are clean.

Don’t chew chewing gum during the interview.

Don’t smoke during the interview or turn up smelling like an ashtray. Always brush your teeth or have a mint before the interview.

Don’t talk too much. The interviewer does not need to know your life story, just answer the question.

Don’t bad mouth past employers. Even if your last boss was an idiot and you hated your job and disliked everyone who worked there, don’t say so. It can be a very small world sometimes and you just never know who your interviewer might know. You also don’t want them to think that you would speak that way about them.

Don’t allow your mobile phone to sound during the interview and don’t look at text messages. If you do forget to put your phone on silent, apologise quickly and turn of the sound. Never answer the call.

Don’t take your partner, friends, parents, children or pets to an interview unless you have a legitimate disability that requires assistance.
Don’t ever lie about your qualifications and always answer any questions asked honestly.

Don’t show your job search frustrations or have a negative attitude in your interview, always have a positive attitude.

Don’t slouch down in the chair or treat the interview casually. This is insulting to the interviewer and the company.

Don’t rely on your resume or our recruiter to do the selling for you. No matter how qualified and suitable you may be for the job, you will need to sell yourself to the interviewer.

Interview Dos

Do know the exact time and place of your interview, how long it is going to take to get there and where you can park.

Do greet the receptionist or first person you meet politely and with respect. This is where you make your first impression and the interviewer will find out if this impression was less than ideal.

Do fill out any paperwork you are asked to complete, neatly, accurately and to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about any questions always ask instead of guessing.

Do answer questions asked by the interviewer and back up your answers with specific examples if possible. If you don’t understand the question always ask for clarification.

Do treat the interview seriously and as though you are genuinely interested in the employer and the job on offer.

Do maintain good eye contact during the interview.

Do bring extra copies of your resume with you to the interview.

Do shake hands firmly with your interviewer. There is nothing worse than a limp handshake!

Do avoid using bad language and slang, also try and avoid common pause words such as um, uh and like.

Do avoid controversial topics.

Do highlight your achievements and accomplishments in past jobs and personal life (where relevant).

Do make sure you understand the next steps in the hiring process before you leave the interview. This includes when and from whom you will hear and any actions you are expected to undertake.

Do always thank the person who has interviewed you, even if you think the interview has not gone well. It may have gone better then you thought.

While there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to interviews those listed above should give you a good understanding. Remember, it is perfectly normal to be nervous before an interview and it is unlikely that this will go against you.

Best of luck!