Mates Looking After Mates

Mates looking after Mates - National Safe Work Month

14/10/2015BY: Tracey Mesken

​Sometimes people just need a hand, they may need more education, have forgotten something from an induction, or they may have other issues going on in their personal life.  A friendly word or a point in the right direction can assist as well as result in a safe outcome for their day. 

Worker responsibility

Workers have workplace health and safety obligations to themselves and their workmates.   As a worker, you must:

  • Comply with instructions given for workplace health and safety

  • Use personal protective equipment if your employer provides it and if you are properly trained to use it.

  • Not wilfully or recklessly interfere with, or misuse anything provided for workplace health and safety at the workplace.

  • Not wilfully place others at risk.

  • Not wilfully injure yourself.

What does being a mate mean?

Being a good workmate also involves being aware of what other people are doing around you, to ensure you and your team are safe.

Sometimes due to inattention, preoccupation or forgetfulness some people put themselves, you or your team at risk.

In these instances they may need this brought to their attention.   For example:

  • Trying to work when they are unwell and not fit for work.

  •  Operating plant or a vehicle incorrectly e.g. speeding, not wearing a seat belt.

  • Preoccupied with issues in their personal life that is causing them to be inattentive.

  • Taking “short cuts” or not following correct site procedures.

If the person is wilfully breaking a workplace rule and places themselves or others at risk, the issue should be addressed on the spot in a polite and friendly way, and should be raised with your supervisor in a timely manner.

Please remember that this is a friendly reminder and there is no need for the use of aggressive words, comments or behaviour in the conversation that may inflame the situation.

Look at it as an opportunity to make someone’s day safe, show that you care, and to ensure that both you and your workmates get home without incident or injury.

This month is National Safe Work Month and is a great opportunity for all of us to focus on promoting safety in the workplace to reduce death, injury and disease, so make some ones day and show you care, interact with other co-workers if they have a safety breach, and keep them, you, your work mates safe.

Speak up for your Mate!

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