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Did you know? Julian Genn - National Manager Jobtrail

16/01/2018BY: Tracey Mesken

​Welcome to the first of a series of interviews with our National Managers, focusing in on what’s happening in their regions and any tips for jobseekers.

Julian Genn – National Manager JobTrail, Indigenous Workforce Solutions

1. Your forecast for growth & decline industries in your region

The mining industry continues to strengthen as does the desire to increase the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on job sites. JobTrail is seeing increased demand from multiple industries including civil/construction and hospitality. Employers are getting on board with programs that promote the engagement of Indigenous employees, as they bring real value to companies throughout Australia. However, there is still a trend of low participation. Non-standard recruitment, education and ongoing mentoring and support have proven to be the key to improving engagement with Indigenous employees.


2. What roles do you predict you will be filling in 2018?

Traineeships are happening across the board and will continue through 2018. They offer a great starting point for people new to industry and provide real qualifications that align with the work the individual is completing. JobTrail is also working to increase the number of high-level roles for Indigenous candidates as well as providing pathways for promotion for experienced employees.

JobTrail is developing Recruitment and workplace policies that facilitate an Indigenous-friendly working environment and ensure Indigenous people have an equal opportunity to win jobs.   In 2018, JobTrail will be aiming to roll out Cross Cultural Awareness Training both internally throughout the WorkPac Business Centres and externally across our larger job sites.


3. Do you have any large projects coming up for 2018?

Most large WorkPac contracts have a requirement for Indigenous employment and training.

JobTrail will engage with the local community to source Indigenous candidates as well as link with Aboriginal organisations and government departments to ensure a good cross section of candidates.  A current Indigenous specific project is the Indigenous Traineeship at a large mine site in the Bowen Basin. This will give 20-30 Indigenous people an opportunity to complete a Cert II in Surface Extraction and be trained to operate a Dump Truck.

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4. Your advice to jobseekers

Expand your ideas about job searching.  Don’t only rely on advertised jobs. Talk to people in the industry. Talk to people you know – family, friends, and acquaintances. Their networks will expand your opportunities. Talk to people rather than applying on-line. Building these relationships will get you the job you want.