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Fire Protection

03/09/2018BY: Tracey Mesken

​Fires are often preventable disasters that can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, production losses, the loss of jobs and the loss of lives.

The basic elements necessary for the production of fire are fuel, oxygen and an ignition source. Prevention means keeping any of these three elements away from the other two.

Fires Elements

Everyone has a vested interest in fire prevention in the workplace and there are many simple things that you can do to minimise this risk.

Various first aid and back-up fire fighting facilities are available on all sites.  Make sure you are familiar with all the fire fighting appliances and check procedures with your site supervisor.  If you come across any equipment that is empty or faulty, please inform your supervisor immediately.


Fires immediately report


If you do discover a fire, extinguish it if possible, then advise your supervisor.  If you cannot extinguish it, raise the alarm immediately.  Never use conductive extinguishers, such as water or foam, on electrical fires.

You must never interfere with this vital equipment: 

Fire hydrants, hoses, and extinguishers

This equipment is exclusively for the fighting of fires and nothing else.