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Mining Industry: Safety Reset

25/07/2019BY: Tracey Mesken

​At present WorkPac Group are supporting the Mining Industry Safety Reset Campaign being undertaken across all QLD Mines and Quarries.

This campaign is seeking to ensure the safety of all mining industry employees following the sad passing of six workers in the past 12 months. This safety reset is the first step in refocusing the attention of the entire Industry to its number one priority - the heath and safety of all workers and everyone’s right to return home after work.

WorkPac has developed a Safety Information Bulletin to support the Mining Safety Reset Campaign and this can be viewed here.

Whether you work in mining or in another high-risk industry, we ask you to please remember these key safety points:

  • Report all Safety Incidents and Hazards to your site supervisor and WorkPac Group Immediately;

  • Don’t undertake work if the risk is not acceptable;

  • Stop work if the risk is not acceptable;

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times;

  • Be alert when working around machinery and other hazards;

  • Call out and report poor safety practices and behaviours;

  • Ensure you understand the Site Safety Management System, see your Supervisor if you need more information on site-specific safety procedures.

Remember - the most important thing to come off the site each day is you.