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This month we celebrate Brooke Farrell’s 10th anniversary with the WorkPac Group

16/05/2022BY: Brianna Ormerod

​This month we celebrate Brooke Farrell’s 10th anniversary with the WorkPac Group. Please see below some words from Brooke on her WorkPac journey. 


What has been the highlight of your WorkPac career so far?

When thinking of my highlight reel of memories at WorkPac, so many come to mind. From partnering with Leighton Contractors to Account Manage the APLNG project and onboarding a workforce of 100+ within 6 months.  To being acknowledged at annual Leadership Conferences as a successful leader for the Brisbane North Business Centre and lastly to being recognised as Recruitment Coordinator of the Year at the annual Dudley Awards. These amazing memories will always stand as highlight moments throughout my career at WorkPac.


What do you love most about your role?

The people. Working directly with our Recruitment Teams on a daily basis for continuous improvement along with recognising both professional and financial success within our teams.

What have you learnt about yourself since starting?

Resilience! Prior to WorkPac, I wasn’t much of a risk taker and had worked in the events and hospitality industry for a number of years. I am and have always been quite a routine-based person and over the last 10 years, I’ve worked in a number of different areas, taken on different projects and have always tried to push myself to try things outside of the box to succeed.


What's one thing you wish you knew before you started working here?

Just how much my life would change from working at WorkPac. Over the last 10 years, I have achieved both financially and professionally, more than I could have expected when I walked into the office on my first day.


Do you remember your first day?

I sure do. I started as a Business Centre Administration Manager for Brisbane Metro Business Support. On my desk was a small cactus plant and a stationery pack with a ‘metro’ branded plate, book and pen. I remember getting my first call in the afternoon from a member of the Board where I answered ‘good morning’ when it was well and truly the afternoon yet I was made to feel comfortable and welcomed to the WorkPac team.

From Brooke’s Manager:

Throughout your tenure at WorkPac, you have stood out as an employee who has never wavered in your commitment to excellence. 

I admire your strong work ethic, personal integrity and your dedication to your work is exemplary.   You are always so positive, helpful and an inspiration to others. Loyal and dedicated employees like you are the foundation of any successful company and I thank you for your contribution to our success. You are an absolute joy to work with Brooke, thank you and congratulations on your achievement of this wonderful milestone – Happy Anniversary & I look forward to celebrating many more with you. 


Congratulations on 10 years' Brooke!