Recruitment Spotlight (2)

Say 'Hello' to Tellena Ferry, one of WorkPac's Industrial Recruitment Coordinators

08/08/2022BY: Brianna Ormerod

​Meet Tellena Ferry, one of WorkPac’s Industrial Recruitment Coordinators located in NSW. We asked Tellena to tell us about her experience over her recruiting career at WorkPac.

What excited you about the opportunity to join WorkPac?

I came from a recruitment and early-childhood teaching background. When I saw the opportunity to join WorkPac, I was attracted not only because it offers career progression, but because they recognise and reward hard work in more ways than one.

What are your favourite roles to recruit for?

I have recently been given the opportunity to recruit on a major tier-1 project. I have really enjoyed working on these high-volume orders.

What roles can we contact you about right now?

I am currently recruiting for civil workers in the Western Sydney area, plus various industrial roles across NSW including qualified trades, trade assistants and labourers.