Joey Blog Post

This month we celebrate Joey Ray's 5th anniversary with the WorkPac Group

22/09/2022BY: Brianna Ormerod

​We recently caught up with Joey Ray, our Development Team Lead for WorkPac Technology, following his 5 year anniversary. We asked Joey about his journey so far with WorkPac, and a little about his role.

“Fundamentally, working here has given me an opportunity that I am and will forever be grateful for. The software is great, not just because of the code that we write in our code files, it’s great because of the work that goes into supporting it. Because the support team that works so hard to find fixes for our staff with immediate turnaround. It’s great because of the work our network engineers and cloud architects do, keeping us connected, keeping the lights blinking and keeping us safe in a forever dangerous world. It’s great because of our mindfulness with security, dotting our I’s and crossing our t’s with compliance. It’s great because our Value Stream Leads perform the impossible task of marrying our dreams with the realities of project management and delivery every day. It’s great because our testers now catch almost all of our bugs before they reach users. After all of this, it’s great because our leadership and stakeholders constantly drive us towards innovation, integration and solutions that are modern and holistically considered in today’s software ecosystem.

The lessons I’ve learned at WorkPac will stay in my mind forever. The people I’ve met will stay in my mind forever. The projects I’ve had the privilege to be a part of will stay in my mind forever.

How are we so successful? With industry tested and innovation leading techniques – cloud integration, automation, webhooks, microservices and unified APIs. We’re applying our research and our intelligence across the system to make everything systemically better.”

It has been a wonderful 5 years Joey, and we’re excited to see what you and your team do next.