WorkPac Water Drive for Granite Belt Drought Assist

BY: Tracey Mesken18/10/2019

​Across Queensland, those in regional areas are doing it tough. Years of drought have left many farmers under serious strain, not able to make ends meet as they struggle to feed their animals, maintain their crops, and even care for themselves and their families.The Granite Belt is one of the regions that has been hit hard by the drought. It is also a region that makes a strong contribution to the wider state, providing a diverse range of produce, and bringing in tourists through their wineries and various festivals and events. As tanks in the region have dried up many have now turned to using bore water, with the water supplies that are left set to run out by Christmas.The credit team at the WorkPac Service centre recognised an opportunity to help those in our state doing it tough, by supporting the Granite Belt Drought Assist. The movement was started by locals to support those who need it most, particularly the smaller producers not eligible for government assistance.To support the cause, the team organised a water drive, encouraging water donations from staff in the business. Thanks to those at our Service Centre and our Business Centres in Brisbane North, Brisbane South and the Sunshine Coast, they were able to collect 1800 litres for donation.The team dropped off four ute loads of water yesterday to a warehouse in Rocklea, where it will then be transported to the Granite Belt region on October 26th.Organiser of the Let’s Send Them A Truck Load initiative, Rachael Eddy explained that this is the second water convoy they have organised.She said “We have nine trucks already filled and we are hoping to be able to fill 10 truck loads in total. This will equate to 200,000 litres of water for people whose tanks are dry.She explained “The Granite Belt Drought Assist team distributes the water to registered member of the public.” They prioritised the distribution of water to those without town water, to families with children and the elderly.”“Our farmers and farming families, our regional friends in the west don’t give up and neither can we.”“This drought isn’t going to break with the next rain, unfortunately it will take some decent rain to do any good."“But not being able to have a shower, have clean water to drink, brush your teeth or mix your babies formula is something no Australian should be faced with.”We encourage anyone who can to get involved, whether it’s through a monetary donation or a water donation. If you are in Brisbane get it touch with Rachael Eddy via the Let’s Send Them A Truck Load – WATER Convoy Facebook Page. You can learn more about the Granite Belt Drought Assist team on their website. 

WorkPac and JobTrail Return as Sponsors of the MADALAH Ball

BY: Tracey Mesken05/08/2019

​WorkPac and JobTrail have proudly continued our relationship with MADALAH by returning as sponsors of the annual MADALAH Ball, held in Perth over the weekend.Focused on supporting Indigenous youth through education, the organisation offers secondary, transition and tertiary education scholarships at leading schools and universities for students from remote and regional communities in Western Australia.Established in 2016, the MADALAH Ball is an annual event that helps the organisation raise funds to grow their services. Since being founded the event has been able to fund 49 additional scholarships for students in WA, which will be used to give kids the best start possible through invaluable education opportunities.WorkPac’s relationship with the organisation began last year, and since then our Indigenous employment division JobTrail have been fortunate enough to work closely with them. National Manager for JobTrail, Julian Genn, is proud that the team has been able to forge partnerships like this that are making a difference.“Having this relationship gives us the opportunity to engage with the students, which means we can directly see the impact of our funding”.“Both JobTrail and WorkPac feel that supporting education is vital, particularly as it offers opportunities to upskill youth to help them find employment locally, which keeps regional and rural Australia thriving”“JobTrail in WA is working on some other exciting joint ventures with MADALAH in Broome, and we look forward to continuing our relationship and returning as sponsors for the ball in 2020”.If you want to learn more about MADALAH and the great work that they’re doing in WA, you can visit their website here