​WORKPAC ALERT | SCAM PHONE CALLS We’ve been alerted to a recent scam where scammers are calling job seekers and posing as WorkPac representatives.The scam caller requests the job seeker’s personal details, including what software the job seeker uses.​What to do if you suspect a phone call is a scam?It's important to be cautious and verify the identity of anyone who calls and requests personal or financial information over the phone.If you're uncertain, hang up and contact WorkPac directly (1300 967 527) to verify the identity of the caller.Remember, if a call seems suspicious, do not engage with the caller, and hang up immediately.​Here are some signs that may indicate a scam phone call:The call looks unusual. It may be unsolicited, from a phone number you don’t recognise or the caller ID is blockedBe aware of caller ID spoofing. This is a sophisticated practice where scammers fake their caller ID to appear as a company or government agency (eg. A bank, Centrelink)The caller requests your personal information (eg. Bank account numbers, Driver’s Licence details)High-pressure tactics. Scammers may try to pressure you into making a quick decision or providing personal information immediately (eg. “I need to know your bank account details now so I can complete your job application”)Poor sound quality. Some scammers may call from overseas and have a poor sound quality and background noise​For more information about phone scams in Australia, please visit the Australian Communications & Media Authority’s website: https://www.acma.gov.au/phone-scams



​WORKPAC ALERT | MICROSOFT PHONE OUTAGE ​​There is currently a Microsoft outage affecting the Asia-Pacific region.  This is impacting WorkPac’s inbound and outbound phone services. Working for WorkPac?We recommend logging in to your user account at myworkpac.com and using your WorkPac Representative’s direct contact details. Other Enquiries?Please call again later or direct your enquiry to contactus@workpac.com

Tinnitus Awareness Week | 6 - 12 February 2023


​​Did you know nearly 1 in 5 Australians experience some form of tinnitus? For Tinnitus Awareness Week, we take a closer look at what this condition is and how to prevent hearing damage.Tinnitus is a medically diagnosed physical condition that may present by ringing, humming or buzzing in your ear, especially when no noise is present. Approximately 17 to 20 per cent of Australians suffer from some degree of tinnitus.The causes of tinnitus include exposure to loud noises such as a chainsaw, loud music through headphones and equipment used in industrial, farming and transport, Meniere’s disease, some medications, ear wax and ear infections and lastly degeneration of cells within the cochlea, jaw or ear.You can prevent the occurrence of tinnitus by utilising ear plugs and/or earmuffs when you are exposed to loud sounds over 85 decibels, especially on work sites when using equipment and machinery. If you are using headphones for music, use noise-cancelling headphones, decrease the sound and use them for less than 90 minutes a day. Take regular breaks from areas of high noise to give your ears a rest. If attending concerts stand away from the speakers to reduce the impact. If you experience ringing in your ears or you are concerned speak to your doctor.For further information please visit healthdirect.gov.au/tinnitus



Due to the Australia Day public holiday, we wish to advise all divisions and FTMs that there will be no pay run on Thursday 26 January. To avoid payment delays, please ensure you have logged your approved timesheet by 10am AEST, Wednesday 25 January. Timesheets received after this cut off will be processed in the following pay run on Friday 27 January. Should you have any queries, please feel welcome to contact your WorkPac Recruitment Coordinator. We also encourage you to reach out to your bank for assistance with queries regarding their processing days.

This month we celebrate Valerie Lesaulnier’s 15th anniversary with the WorkPac Group

BY: Brianna Ormerod14/12/2022

​This month we celebrate Valerie Lesaulnier’s 15thanniversary with theWorkPac Group. Please see below some words from Valerie on her WorkPac journey. ​What has been the highlight of your WorkPac career so far?WorkPac has a genuine desire to give back to the community, whether local or international. As part of our 2017 mission to Cambodia, we built seven houses for seven families in Siem Reap with our partners. I will never forget this unique and humbling experience as one of the most memorable days of my life.​What do you love most about your role?The diversity of the role requirements and the engagement with our teams. ​What have you learnt about yourself since starting?Like many others at WorkPac, I have GRIT. We are passionate about what we do, and we have made this business a success by being persistent and 100% driven.​If WorkPac was an animal, what would it be, and why?Chameleon, WorkPac is an agile business that can adapt quickly to change.​From Valerie’s Manager:15 years!  How lucky are we.  You are an absolute superstar Val and we would be forever lost without you.  You are an integral part of the WorkPac family and are greatly admired.  It is not only your insightful operational knowledge that is applauded but the enormous sense of fun and energy you bring each and every day.  You have played an instrumental role in key WorkPac business improvements and are constantly striving for better outcomes for our candidates and clients.   We don’t just celebrate you today, but every day. 

Scheduled Website Maintenance | Wednesday 30 November


​Scheduled Website Maintenance | 9pm – 11pm AEST Wednesday 30 November ​Our websites will be undergoing essential scheduled maintenance between 9pm and 11pm AEST, Wednesday 30 November.During this time, there may be short service interruptions of up to 20 minutes.The following websites will be affected.workpac.comworkpacgroup.comworkpachsc.combrcrecruitment.com.auIMRLocumBank.com.auWe apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you are unable to access our website, please check back at a later time.Our contact email address is contactus@workpac.com​

SCAM ALERT - Be alert to receiving WhatsApp messages claiming to be a WorkPac Recruiter

BY: Tracey Mesken30/09/2022

Updated 25 ​January 2023 Jobseekers are being urged to watch out for scammers, with new Scamwatch figures revealing Australians lost over $8.7 million to recruitment scams in 2022.The ACCC’s Scamwatch is warning young people in particular, to protect their personal information when applying for jobs and to beware of job offers made through social media platforms or messaging services such as Whatsapp. Read more (opens on ACCC Scamwatch website).SEEK.COM.AU also has a current warning out about scammers contacting people across Australia and New Zealand via WhatsApp pretending to be recruiting for SEEK. We are sharing this information to protect you, our job seekers, from scammers. Read more (opens on seek.com.au website).​​Beware of WhatsApp messages posing as a WorkPac recruiter (Originally published 30 September 2022)​The first scam message states that a recruiter from WorkPac Recruitment is looking for candidates. The second scam message used a WorkPac recruiter's name and image with false contact details and false job ad information, there are grammar errors and it requested bank account details.Remember – WorkPac does not communicate using WhatsApp. If you are unsure about any email, SMS or message, please call our recruitment team on 1300 967 572. If you have identified something as potentially fraudulent or a scam account, please screenshot it, before deleting it from your inbox and delete items or your device. ReportingPlease report this scam from your app: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/q7OQCBNqNZIPOryzIztIvL?domain=faq.whatsapp.comWhen you report someone:WhatsApp receives the last five messages sent to you by the reported user or group, and the sender won’t be notified. WhatsApp also receives the reported group or user ID, information on when the message was sent, and the type of message sent (image, video, text, etc.).You can also choose to report an account by long pressing a single message.Please forward a copy to contactus@workpac.com​​​​​

From Tragic Fire to Ray of Hope

BY: Claude Drulik16/08/2022

​The last thing Jacob Muscat expected after a day of work at Goonyella Riverside mine was a tragic incident. Sadly, that’s what he experienced when he arrived home recently in Moranbah to find his home burnt down from an electrical fire. As expected, Jacob was quite upset. So too was the WorkPac QLD Mining team. In response to this saddening news, WorkPac donated a $1,000 voucher to Jacob and his family to ease some of the burden. A gofundme fundraising page was also set up. To date, it’s raised $5,700. We would also like to thank BMA for their generous gift of a fridge for his new place too. Jacob has always done his best to take care of his family so was really appreciative of everyone’s kindness, as he said all the funds raised would help support his wife and kids. He will use the money to buy and replace some lost things for his home. A small step towards a new start.Can you help? Please jump in and donate today.

Avoid Identity Theft. Use Password Security

BY: Claude Drulik01/08/2022

​Did you know poor password security can lead to your identity theft and worse, financial loss?One of the most common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords. Simple and commonly used passwords let intruders easily gain access and control of a computing device.Don’t be a victim, be vigilant. Here are just a few steps you can take to protect your password.Step 1: Perform a Malware ScanScan your device with a reputable virus or malware software.For Government information about protecting against malware, you can visit https://www.cyber.gov.au/acsc/view-all-content/threats/malware.Step 2: Reset Your PasswordDo this when you next log into myWorkPac by following the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ process. We also suggest you do this with other critical services, like your bank and healthcare provider.There are a few ways to make your password strong. Ensure it:Is at least eight characters longDoesn't contain your username, real name, or company nameDoesn't contain a complete wordIs significantly different from previous passwordsContains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbolsIsn’t a password that you’ve used on other internet servicesThe Australian Government offers a great guide for creating strong passwords, available at https://www.cyber.gov.au/acsc/view-all-content/publications/creating-strong-passphrases.Another great resource on the Australian Government Cyber website explains Multi-Factor Authentication at https://www.cyber.gov.au/learn/mfaStep 3: Check Your Email SecurityOnline security breaches are common.To protect your personal identity, you can use resources like:Have I Been Pwned? https://haveibeenpwned.com/Great resource to check if your email has been compromisedIDCARE https://www.idcare.org/Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. Free service to reduce harm experienced from compromise and misuse of your identity information

Job Hunting? Tell Us

BY: Claude Drulik21/07/2022

Use the myWorkPac app or myWorkPac website to notify our recruiters that you're actively looking for a new role. How? Simply flick the new 'Consider Me For Roles' toggle to 'Yes' in either.​​​Don't Forget, Update Your ProfileTo be found by our recruiters, make sure you've also got your latest resume on file. Ensure your profile is updated with your current address and recent roles.