2020 Tax Information

BY: Tracey Mesken03/07/2020

​WorkPac Group employees will receive either a Payment Summary via email or an Income Statement via their myGov account on or before the 14th of July. For most people, Payment Summary information (also known as a Group Certificate) will be available after the end of the financial year in their Australian Tax Office online services account through myGov and it will be called an ‘Income Statement’.We recommend that you check two things ASAP. 1) Please make sure you have created a myGov account. There’s a guide available here Please check your contact email address in myworkpac If this email address is incorrect please contact your recruitment coordinator.


BY: Tracey Mesken27/11/2019

​Over the busy holiday season, the last thing you want to be left wondering about is when you’ll be receiving your pay. All WorkPac employees have received emails and SMS communication regarding their pay changes over the Christmas period.​ Check the bottom of your payslipWorkPac puts messages on your payslip about upcoming changes to processing days. If you have any questions about accessing your payslips, check out some of our frequently asked questions here.With Christmas & New Year fast approaching, please be advised of the following pay processing dates:Week Commencing Monday 23th December 2019:Week Commencing Monday 30th December 2019: Understand your banks processing daysPays may also be delayed further with your bank due to public holidays, so be sure to contact them to find out how they approach transferring money on public holidays. Talk to your recruitment CoordinatorIf you have any concerns regarding pay over the Christmas period, please get in touch with your recruiter in advance by calling 1300 967 572. To stay up to date on when your local business centre is open during the holidays, be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming post on all business centre hours.We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.Please note if you Work for Ravensworth, Hunter Valley Operations and Mt Thorley Warkworth in the Hunter Valley your payment details may differ, please contact your Recruitment Coordinator or check your weekly payslip for more details.        

Important information about accessing your Payment Summary

BY: Tracey Mesken20/06/2019

​Update 10.07.19Payment summaries were emailed to all WorkPac Group employees on Tuesday 9th July. Read on if you haven’t yet received it.When were payment summaries sent?Payment summaries were emailed to all WorkPac Group employees on Tuesday 9th July.Problems? QuestionsIf you have problems accessing or viewing your payment summary or haven’t received it, please check the following:1. Check the email account that you use for myworkpac, this is the one we will have used to send your payment summary.2. If you didn’t receive the email, please check your Spam folder. The email will be from If you receive the email but have problems downloading or viewing the file on a device (this is especially true for android mobiles), please try on a different device, ideally a desktop computer.Still having problems after checking these? Then please contact your WorkPac Group recruitment coordinator!How were payment summaries sent?This financial year there are no changes to how WorkPac Group employees receive their payment summaries, and it will be emailed to you as per previous years.What about Single Touch Payroll (STP)?As you may have heard, there have been significant changes made in terms of payment summaries and how some employees receive them. Rather than employers sending payment summaries to their employees to then be lodged with the Australian Tax Office, some employers are now required to report pay and superannuation for all employees direct to the ATO. This new process called Single Touch Payroll or STP. There is currently a transition period for companies to start reporting to the ATO and this is different for each company. WorkPac will commence STP early in 2020, and you’ll be notified when this transition happens.Please note that the transition period to STP is different for all companies, so other members of your family may have already transitioned from payment summaries to Single Touch Payroll this year.