Sarina Ute Muster Gathers to Raise Awareness of Suicide Prevention

BY: Tracey Mesken03/10/2019

​Over this long weekend from Saturday 5 to Monday 7 October the Sarina Showgrounds will host an action-packed event of driving, bull-riding, A Show and Shine, Aussie FMX displays, live country music concerts, great food, fireworks and activities for the whole family, and there are camping options on site.The idea was hatched by Peter Zigmantas and his wife Diane, combining their love of motorsport and events with Ziggy's drive to make a difference in his local community.The event’s nominated charity for 2019 is Grapevine Group.Some years ago, Ziggy trained with the Grapevine group in responding to suicide and supporting people impacted or at risk, after the loss of his brother.Ziggy is one of 5458 people trained by the Grapevine group to provide support to his various and extensive networks including Army veterans, in his role as WorkPac Regional Risk manager, and across family and friends.The major motoring event this weekend will bring people together from the local community to promote awareness and education for suicide prevention.Ziggy’s national company WorkPac has got behind sponsoring the event to help share its message widely.Managing Director, Mr. Praanesh Prasad said suicide prevention is a hugely important issue for every Australian community and WorkPac is committed to supporting mental health programs within the company and beyond it.“Ziggy is our Regional Risk Manager and he really walks the talk; he and his wife Di have supported the great work done by the Grapevine group in the Mackay community for years, raising money and awareness, and working tirelessly behind the scenes to pull together this impressive event – it is inspiring for us all,” he said.More information:https://sarinautemuster.com/https://www.facebook.com/SarinaUteMuster2019/http://www.grapevinegroup.org.au/


BY: Tracey Mesken17/09/2019

​A new report released by the Australian Mining and Metals Association shows Australia’s mining industry will require 20,767 new on-site operational employees by 2024.The forecast occupational breakdown includes:• 8,660 mining plant operators;• 2,847 heavy diesel fitters;• 970 other trades, such as electrical, mechanical and maintenance trades;• 4,110 supervisors, management, administration and other white-collar roles; and• 4,180 engineers, technicians, geologists and related roles.View the full report here

WorkPac and JobTrail Return as Sponsors of the MADALAH Ball

BY: Tracey Mesken05/08/2019

​WorkPac and JobTrail have proudly continued our relationship with MADALAH by returning as sponsors of the annual MADALAH Ball, held in Perth over the weekend.Focused on supporting Indigenous youth through education, the organisation offers secondary, transition and tertiary education scholarships at leading schools and universities for students from remote and regional communities in Western Australia.Established in 2016, the MADALAH Ball is an annual event that helps the organisation raise funds to grow their services. Since being founded the event has been able to fund 49 additional scholarships for students in WA, which will be used to give kids the best start possible through invaluable education opportunities.WorkPac’s relationship with the organisation began last year, and since then our Indigenous employment division JobTrail have been fortunate enough to work closely with them. National Manager for JobTrail, Julian Genn, is proud that the team has been able to forge partnerships like this that are making a difference.“Having this relationship gives us the opportunity to engage with the students, which means we can directly see the impact of our funding”.“Both JobTrail and WorkPac feel that supporting education is vital, particularly as it offers opportunities to upskill youth to help them find employment locally, which keeps regional and rural Australia thriving”“JobTrail in WA is working on some other exciting joint ventures with MADALAH in Broome, and we look forward to continuing our relationship and returning as sponsors for the ball in 2020”.If you want to learn more about MADALAH and the great work that they’re doing in WA, you can visit their website here

How to survive the interview waiting game

BY: Tracey Mesken05/08/2019

​Have you ever felt like you totally nailed an interview? You prepared thoroughly, answered the questions well and the interviewer seemed to really be engaged with you. You leave the interview on top of the world, confident that tomorrow morning you will receive a phone call or an email. You wait all day but hear nothing.Three days later and you still haven’t heard, you are starting to wonder what is going on, did you, or didn’t you get the job? The waiting game seems like it is going on forever!A week later and you still haven’t heard. As each day comes and goes your mind is now consumed with questions and you can think of nothing else, what is taking so long? Did I say something wrong? Should I send another email? This inner state of turmoil you are experiencing is often referred to as job offer anxiety. While your mind struggles to find answers to all your questions your confidence is slowly disappearing, you begin to blame yourself for not getting the call back and are second guessing your skills and abilities.Many of us have experienced these feelings of anxiety while waiting to hear back after an interview, so what can we do to ease this inner turmoil? The tips below should help you to keep perspective and survive the post interview waiting game.Establish next stepsIt is always a good idea to establish the next steps of the process before you leave the interview. This can help give you a realistic idea on when you are likely to be contacted. Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer when they will be contracting you or if you can contact them in a few days to follow up.Discuss and review with your recruiterIf you are working with a recruiter you may find a follow up discussion regarding the opportunity beneficial. Your recruiter will often know the client better then you and can help you sort through your thoughts on the interview in addition to an objective opinion based on their own experiences with the company. We do not recommend you call your recruiter every day for an update, they will call you as soon as there is news. This will usually be after an offer has been made to either yourself or another candidate.Continue your job searchWhile this may seem obvious, many of us become so focused on waiting to hear back from an interview that we forget what our goal was in the first place – get a job. Continuing your job hunt is a perfect way to distract yourself and take your mind off the interview call back, not to mention using your time wisely. Sitting around waiting for your perfect job to call you will not get you any closer to achieving your end goal. No matter what you were told in an interview, do not resign from your current job until you receive an offer in writing that is ideally signed by both parties.Review your ResumeA great way to boost your confidence and ease your anxiety is knowing that your resume is in top shape. Spend some time reviewing your resume and basic cover letter, remembering that each cover letter should be tailored to the job you are applying for. Passing your resume out to some friends is a great way to gain some valuable feedback and fresh ideas. You can also use this time to work on your interview answers. Think about all the experiences you have had where you have created a new process or solved a problem that an employer might want to hear about - these may or may not be industry specific, the goal is to highlight your strengths.Maintain PerspectiveYes time does feel like it is creeping along at a snail’s pace when you are playing the waiting game. However, while we might like to believe that the person responsible for making the decision to call us is focused solely on hiring a person for this job, reality is, this is often not the case. It is easy for us to forget that they will have other responsibilities and like in every job, have things unexpectedly pop up that requires their immediate attention. They are not deliberately making you wait, many of them would have experienced the same anxiety you are now feeling waiting to hear about a position Always remember silence is not an indication of anything, especially your chances of finding a job. Job searching for even the most talented people can take many months. Stays focused on all the positives and prepare yourself for any outcome. If you have done your very best and you are the perfect candidate for the job, you will receive the call.

Mining Industry: Safety Reset

BY: Tracey Mesken25/07/2019

​At present WorkPac Group are supporting the Mining Industry Safety Reset Campaign being undertaken across all QLD Mines and Quarries.This campaign is seeking to ensure the safety of all mining industry employees following the sad passing of six workers in the past 12 months. This safety reset is the first step in refocusing the attention of the entire Industry to its number one priority - the heath and safety of all workers and everyone’s right to return home after work.WorkPac has developed a Safety Information Bulletin to support the Mining Safety Reset Campaign and this can be viewed here.Whether you work in mining or in another high-risk industry, we ask you to please remember these key safety points:Report all Safety Incidents and Hazards to your site supervisor and WorkPac Group Immediately;Don’t undertake work if the risk is not acceptable;Stop work if the risk is not acceptable;Be aware of your surroundings at all times;Be alert when working around machinery and other hazards;Call out and report poor safety practices and behaviours;Ensure you understand the Site Safety Management System, see your Supervisor if you need more information on site-specific safety procedures.Remember - the most important thing to come off the site each day is you.


BY: Tracey Mesken03/07/2019

​In Michelle Laylan’s work as a relationship manager for WorkPac’s Indigenous division JobTrail, she gets to travel across Western Australia matching Indigenous job seekers to roles with great companies. This gives her the opportunity to meet a wide range of people and hear their stories. At a recent assessment centre in Busselton, Michelle met Denise and was humbled by her story of strength and perseverance. Denise was successful in receiving a position with WorkPac on a Rio Tinto site, and Michelle sat down with her to talk about her journey to this new role.Going about our jobs filling roles, we can sometime forget that a job is not just a job but an opportunity for someone to change their entire life .I organize and facilitate Assessment Centres for Rio Tinto and amongst the successful candidates in our Bussleton Assessment Centre was a lady who had a story that not many of us could not relate to. Denise had endured 20 years of domestic violence and one day, for the safety of herself and children, found the strength to walk away. More stresses and tragedy followed when Denise lost her father, once again Denise found the strength to be strong for herself and her children.Like many Aboriginal job seekers, Denise had started doing courses and applying online for jobs. For two years straight she was job hunting with numerous knock backs, but she never gave up. Denise got the opportunity to participate in an Assessment Centre that I was running where she participated in a team activity and an interview with a Superintendent from Rio Tinto.I remember calling Denise and letting her know that she was successful. Denise confessed that she was so nervous and wasn’t sure if she did enough to get through, she was so excited and kept thanking me for the opportunity. Like I tell all my successful candidates, I provide the opportunity but you make the impression. The Assessment Centres are designed so that the leader sees a side to Indigenous candidates that they don’t see on their resumes, and in this case they saw a woman who has been working hard to change her life, and her commitment to this fit well with their company values.“I now have a job with WorkPac learning how to drive dump trucks. I never thought that it would happen, but it did. I am so excited that I’ve got the opportunity to prove myself to my employer and my children. I kept trying and never gave up on what I always wanted to do”Denise has now been in her new role at Hope Downs 1 for over a month now and is going well and although she was nervous, she once again found the strength to start a new chapter of her life. She is able to take on this new journey with the support of family and mainly her partner who has been with her every step of the way.Denise thanks Michelle Laylan from JobTrail/WorkPac, Mel Riley from the Wirrpanda Foundation, Emma Greengrass from Max Employment and Rio Tinto for the chance to prove herself.JobTrail’s partnerships with community are an important part of our business and this is the perfect example of how working together can make a change in someone’s life.You can learn more about JobTrail here. 

WorkPac secures Santos maintenance contract

BY: Tracey Mesken29/06/2019

​The WorkPac Group, a leading provider of workforce management, project management, training and technology solutions, today announced that it is the successful bidder for a Santos blue collar personnel services contract in the Cooper Basin.The contract, providing employment services of maintenance staff in the field and at the Moomba plant, has a duration of three years.As a frontrunner in the delivery of career options and employment opportunities throughout South Australia, WorkPac's core business is the sourcing, selection, recruitment, mobilisation and management of people to the resources, construction, industrial and healthcare sectors.Business Centre Manager for WorkPac Adelaide, Mr Trian Misso said, “We are excited to grow our relationship with Santos. We are honoured to be working with one of the leading independent oil and gas producers in the Asia-Pacific region, supplying the energy to homes, businesses and major industries across Australia and Asia.”“As a specialist supply partner with proven capability and experience in optimising productivity and mitigating risk we look forward to supporting Santos’ operations.”“For WorkPac, who are already regarded in the Adelaide market as a leading supplier of temporary, contract and permanent staff, it is an opportunity to for us to extend our regional contribution into the Cooper Basin. It also offers our large database of South Australian workers further growth and employment opportunities.”About Santos in the Cooper BasinThe Cooper Basin contains approximately 150 gas fields and 90 oil fields currently on production. These fields contain approximately 700 producing gas wells and more than 360 producing oil wells which feed into production facilities at Moomba in South Australia and Ballera in Queensland through approximately 5,600 kilometres of pipelines and flowlines via 15 major satellite facilities incorporating field boost compression (65 satellite compressors, 15 nodal compressors).The Moomba facility also incorporates substantial underground storage for processed sales gas and ethane.About WorkPacWorkPac is Australia’s largest privately-owned human capital solutions provider. The Company delivers temporary and permanent people solutions to the mining, construction, engineering, manufacturing and healthcare industries. WorkPac operates in over 35 offices across Australia, predominantly in regional and rural locations and employs over 350 full-time staff. Through its specialised divisions WorkPac provides whole-of-business solutions for clients who require multi-disciplined and experienced staff across all blue collar and white collar role disciplines. Find out more at www.workpac.com

Important information about accessing your Payment Summary

BY: Tracey Mesken20/06/2019

​Update 10.07.19Payment summaries were emailed to all WorkPac Group employees on Tuesday 9th July. Read on if you haven’t yet received it.When were payment summaries sent?Payment summaries were emailed to all WorkPac Group employees on Tuesday 9th July.Problems? QuestionsIf you have problems accessing or viewing your payment summary or haven’t received it, please check the following:1. Check the email account that you use for myworkpac, this is the one we will have used to send your payment summary.2. If you didn’t receive the email, please check your Spam folder. The email will be from noreply@workpac.com.3. If you receive the email but have problems downloading or viewing the file on a device (this is especially true for android mobiles), please try on a different device, ideally a desktop computer.Still having problems after checking these? Then please contact your WorkPac Group recruitment coordinator!How were payment summaries sent?This financial year there are no changes to how WorkPac Group employees receive their payment summaries, and it will be emailed to you as per previous years.What about Single Touch Payroll (STP)?As you may have heard, there have been significant changes made in terms of payment summaries and how some employees receive them. Rather than employers sending payment summaries to their employees to then be lodged with the Australian Tax Office, some employers are now required to report pay and superannuation for all employees direct to the ATO. This new process called Single Touch Payroll or STP. There is currently a transition period for companies to start reporting to the ATO and this is different for each company. WorkPac will commence STP early in 2020, and you’ll be notified when this transition happens.Please note that the transition period to STP is different for all companies, so other members of your family may have already transitioned from payment summaries to Single Touch Payroll this year.

How to keep the flu at bay this winter

BY: Tracey Mesken06/06/2019

​While a sick day here and there may not seem like a bad thing the flu is not the way to have break from the day to day grind.  The flu can be contracted through direct or indirect contact, meaning that it may not be enough just to avoid people who are sick. Transmission can occur through surfaces as well as through the air. On top of this a person who has the flu may be contagious a day before they show any symptoms!So, with the flu season upon us what can you do to minimise your chance of getting sick?Wash your hands often and well – This can help kill any germs on your hands before they make you sick, it will also help to prevent spread anything that you may have.Replace hand towels often Be careful when preparing food – if you are sick you may spread germs through food preparation areas. If you are feeling unwell, ask someone else if they can prepare food for the family and only serve yourself.Use hand sanitiser RestWithout enough sleep, our immune systems are not able to work to their full strength.Eat wellEating healthy foods can help our bodies and immune system to be better prepared to fight off any illnesses.Get the flu vaccineThe best and most effective way of keeping the flu away, this is an annual vaccine.

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

BY: Tracey Mesken04/06/2019

​Mental health problems don’t discriminate and can affect anyone at any age, with 1 in 5 Australians aged 16-85 having a mental illness. That’s why it’s so important to care for your mental health by learning to recognise and manage stress and remembering to take time for yourself when you need it.Health and wellbeing at workMany of us spend a big part of our day at work, meaning that our workplaces can have a big impact on our mental health, both positively and negatively. While the connection between physical hazards such as noise, dust and chemical hazards and health are well recognised amongst employers and employees alike, the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing and the jobs we do is not. However, the connection between work and mental health cannot be ignored, with three in ten employees experiencing mental health problems each year.There will be a change in behaviour when someone is struggling with mental health issues, with them not seeming like their usual selves. However, these changes can be difficult to pick up unless you know what to look for. Some possible signs of mental illness in the workplace are:• they may be more irritable, restless, feel tired all the time, or experience a loss of energy• show little interest or pleasure in doing things• constantly feel down or hopeless• increase in sick days• excessive use of alcohol or drugs• rapid changes of emotional mood• poor performanceIf you notice a workmate exhibiting these behaviours, it’s important to check in with them and ask if they’re okay. Poor mental health can increase the likelihood of sleep disturbance and anxiety, leading to reduced ability to concentrate on work tasks and production and potential injury.StressOne of the biggest impacts work can have is on our stress levels, which is an important factor in overall mental wellbeing. While stress is an unavoidable part of life and certain levels of it are normal, excessive long-term stress can be damaging to your mental health.Stress can be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them.”Stress has been associated with:• Anxiety and depression• Heart disease• Back pain• Gastrointestinal illnessesWorkPac as an employer always assesses and takes measures to control risks from work-related stress. Employees have responsibilities to talk to their managers about any factors outside the workplace which can turn the otherwise normal pressures of work into excessive ones. Stress and time pressures could also lead to you taking more risks with your long term health e.g. a two minute job which may release silica dust and therefore require you to wear a face mask, can easily turn into a 15 minute job if you have to go to the store to collect the necessary PPE.Managing stressIf you are beginning to feel that work-related stress and other factors are beginning to take an impact on your health, there are many small things that can make a real difference.Give a loved one a call or arrange to spend some time with friends and familyEat three healthy meals per dayExercise – even something small like going for a walk or doing some stretching exercises can make a differenceRead a book, listen to music, or watch your favourite show or movieDo something nice for someone elseSpend some time outdoorsWhile those can be great ways to improve your overall wellbeing, sometimes we need some extra support to get through a tough period. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to seek the advice and support of a professional.There are several free services you can reach out to, such as:• Lifeline have a 24-hour crisis line that you can call for support and many valuable resources on their website. You can call on 13 11 14 or visit their website here: https://www.lifeline.org.au/• Beyond Blue also have a 24-hour line you can reach on 1300 22 4636, and their website offers plenty of advice and information: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/homeAnd if you’re a WorkPac employee, you can access free psychology through our Employee Assistance Program. You can learn more hereRemember - it is not just a case of trying to be tough – if you don’t feel mentally well seek help