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​Please see below links to Fair Work Commission for relevant agreements:


WorkPac Pty Ltd National Enterprise Workplace Agreement 2009

WorkPac Coal Mining Agreement 2019

WorkPac Pty Ltd Non Coal Mining Agreement 2016

WorkPac Pty Ltd Clerical Agreement 2014

WorkPac Pty Ltd Stores and Warehousing Agreement 2015

WorkPac Pty Ltd & AWU Victoria Major Projects Agreement 2017

WorkPac Minor Civil Construction Agreement VIC 2014

WorkPac Pty Ltd National Precast Agreement 2013

WorkPac Pty Ltd – Shipbuilding – South Australia Agreement 2018

WorkPac Pty Ltd – Submarines - South Australia – Agreement 2021

Construction Services Agreement 2021

Hydrocarbon Services Agreement 2015

Engineering Services Agreement 2016

WorkPac Pty Ltd and CFMEU (WA) (1 The Esplanade Project) Enterprise Agreement 2020

The WorkPac Pty Ltd and AWU Major Projects Over $500M Agreement 2019 -

Yarwun Services Agreement 2021