Blue Collar Recruitment

Are you looking for reliable staff, on a temporary or permanent basis, with experience in mining resources and energy; construction; trades and services; or manufacturing, transport and logistics?

Whether you need a qualified electrician for six months, a whole workforce for a two-week shutdown or a permanent diesel-fitter we have what you need. Our industry specialisation means we can scale our services up or down, depending on your specific staffing needs.

Experience fast, effective results that allow you to achieve your project objectives faster. We deliver stability and consistency for your business so you can focus where you need, rather than on finding staff.

Trades Roles

  • Mechanical Fitters

  • Maintenance Fitters

  • Electrical Fitters

  • Electricians

  • Instrumentation Fitters

  • Welders Coded

  • Boilermakers

  • Mechanic

  • Diesel Fitters

  • Carpenters

  • Shop Fitters

  • Boat Builders

  • Form Workers

  • Concreters

  • Block/Brick Layers

  • Pipe Layers

  • Riggers & Scaffolders

  • Tunnellers

  • Track & Rail Workers

Trades Support Roles

  • Labourers

  • T/As

  • Sentries

  • Safety Observers

  • Traffic Controllers

  • Production Workers

  • Process Workers

  • Field Assistants

  • Samplers

  • Foreman/Supervisors

  • Leading Hands


  • Roller Operators

  • Water Cart Operators

  • Excavators Operators

  • Dump Truck Operators

  • Mobile Plant Operators

  • Fixed Plant Operators

  • Crane Operators

  • Dragline Operators


  • Shot Firers

  • Underground

  • Open Cut

  • Dump Truck Operators

  • Mobile Plant Operators

  • Fixed Plant Operators

  • Crane Operators

  • Mine Supervisors

Looking for other industry classifications?

WorkPac has dedicated teams of recruitment staff who specialise by role and/or industry type, which includes but is not limited to;

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