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WorkPac specialises in supplying staff to clean energy projects.

WorkPac understands that the installation of solar panels for large-scale projects requires ready-to-start, short-term workers. We’ve been building a database of people with proven green collar and industrial experience for 20 years and WorkPac can deploy an experienced, agile workforce quickly. Engaging WorkPac in your solar project gives you the freedom to maximise productivity and ensure your operations are sustainable.

The clean energy boom is creating construction opportunities around the country and WorkPac is delivering blue and white collar employees during construction and commissioning phases of renewable energy projects.


We recruit for many renewables roles, including (but not limited to):

  • Labourers 

  • Trades Assistant 

  • Leading Hands

  • Foreman/Supervisors

  • Operators

  • Mechanical Fitters

  • Maintenance Fitters

  • Electrical Fitters

  • Electricians

  • Welders Coded

  • Boilermakers 

  • Carpenters

  • Shop Fitters

  • Form Workers

We work alongside the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and parent companies to source quality employees with the right experience, skills and qualifications to work on your project. Due to the high quantity of panel installs on solar farms, we recognise that you need employees who are focused, productive and safe, ensuring exceptional standards of work are consistently met.

WorkPac has one of Australia's largest networks of regional Business Centres and our clients benefit from the high volume of local workers we can mobilise. On your solar project, we will appoint a dedicated local Project Manager to work with your team to fully understand the requirements of the project and the scope of skills needed to carry out the work.

Depending on the size of your project, WorkPac can provide complete teams including leading hands to manage productivity levels of teams. Productivity levels and KPIs are managed in conjunction with the EPC and our aim is to complete each project ahead of time and in a zero-harm environment.

With 20 years of experience in natural resources, WorkPac offers you an engaged, green collar workforce and the kind of support and insight you’d expect from our legacy in the resources and energy industry.

Moree Solar Project, New South Wales

Client: NJ Constructions and Green Light Contractors for FRV

Duration: July to November 2015

Why it matters: Tech is the first of its kind in Australia

WorkPac was engaged during the construction phase of the 56MW solar project, initially providing labourers and trades assistants to work on the installation of the frames and the solar panels. At peak, WorkPac had 42 casuals on-site. Towards the end of the project WorkPac also provided electricians to complete the connection of the caballing from the panels to the substation.

The technology used on the project was solar PV-Polycrystalline modules with horizontal tracking, the first of its kind in Australia.

Sundrop Farm, South Australia

Client: John Holland Group for Aalborg

Why it matters: This energy system is a world first

Danish renewables developer Aalborg commissioned a custom-built concentrated solar tower system to supply heat, power and desalinated water for Sundrop Farms. Sundrop farms is an Adelaide-based sustainable agriculture developer, owner and operator pioneering high tech greenhouse facilities that use solar-power and seawater to produce tomatoes.

The first phase of the project, a 51,500m² solar field consisting of more than 23,000 heliostats were installed at the 20 hectare multi-greenhouse facility. Sundrop developed this facility in the South Australian desert, 15km south-east of Port Augusta.

WorkPac provided laborers and crane operators during the project, under the supervision of John Holland.

Aalborg’s Integrated Energy System was the first large-scale CSP-based technology in the world to provide multiple energy streams – heating, fresh water and electricity – for horticultural activities.

Mugga Lane Solar Project, Australian Capital Territory 

Client: UGL for MLSP

Duration: June to December 2016

Why it matters: Meeting electricity needs for our ACT homes

The 13MW Mugga Lane Solar Park consists of a combination of Single Axis tracking and ground mounted solar arrays housing over 53,000 solar PV panels. These panels inject energy into Actew AGL’s distribution network, which meets the electricity demands of approximately 3,250 ACT households.

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