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We are big believers in going the extra mile in everything we do!

Safety and Risk Management

WorkPac is a safety leader in the Australian recruitment industry. Our award winning safety systems are world-class and accredited to AS4801. Importantly, every single WorkPac Business Centre carries this accreditation.


Safety is addressed constantly throughout our quality driven recruitment process. Our recruitment management system drives all of our business processes, offering efficiency and consistency of service to ISO 9001 and AS4801 standards.


Geographical Reach and Local Supply

WorkPac has strategically grown its geographical presence based on our clients’ needs and project activities. We have expanded responsibly, never opening new facilities in the hope of returning on our investment. Put simply, we go where our clients need us. Find your closest business centre.

Consistency of Service

We appreciate that when establishing a multi-disciplinary, geographically dispersed supplier panel, our clients require total consistency. Whether you seek a tradesperson for a short term assignment in a regional location or a seasoned Project Manager in a major city, you can be assured the same level of service, attention to detail, focus and results from our expert team.

Strategic Partnering 

WorkPac is firmly committed to value-driven partnerships. We are not simply a supplier, we are invested in positive differentiation and a consistent policy of adaptation to changing industry needs – we are dedicated to our clients’ needs.

Our strengths and commercial sustainability are derived from our commitment and approach to a true partnership, which is unrivalled in the Australian recruitment industry. Sharing objectives and setting goals together with our clients consistently delivers performance outcomes that exceed expectations or declared objectives.

Workforce Ramp-Up Capability

In over 19 years WorkPac has proudly grown to become Australia’s leading privately owned staffing solutions providers to select industries. We have been intimately involved in the provision of labour workforces to many of Australia's largest mining and infrastructure projects. This has involved delivering fast, precise large-scale workforce ramp-ups on new greenfield sites and regions.

Technology Systems

We operate one of the most sophisticated, industry tailored and quality focused recruitment platforms available in our industry.

Purpose-built for high-risk industry sectors such as mining and construction, this proprietary software system is unique in its provision of risk managed, quality controlled recruitment service. The result has been that we can consistently, quickly and continuously supply high-quality candidates for our clients.

This system is not simply a database; it is an integrated system of talent pool management, industrial relations, quality checks, safety and customer relations.

Community and Indigenous Participation

As a company based on sound corporate and community ethics, we are committed to contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of the localities and communities where we operate.

WorkPac’s Positive Energy Program (PEP) proactively gives back to our communities by focusing on the environment, family, youth, health and sporting initiatives. It is the cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The WorkPac Group’s 2015-2020 strategy and approach to increased Indigenous participation maximises the unique opportunity to work with all key stakeholders. Our Indigenous division JobTrail has developed an end to end process that coordinates and manages participants through key stages of development and transition to employment. Find out more about our JobTrail initiative.