Sings Your Applications Is Progressing Well

7 signs your job application is progressing well

26/08/2014BY: Tracey Mesken

​The job application process can be a nerve-wracking time. Once you’ve submitted your resume, days can seem like weeks as you wait for that call for an interview, and if that goes well, a job offer. It’s not unusual for the recruitment process to take time, so be patient and don’t assume that no news is bad news.

That said, it’s natural to want to have some idea of whether or not you can expect a call back. While the application-to-job offer cycle is different across different employers, the following signs are generally a good indication that at the very least, your application is progressing in a positive direction.

1. The initial call

An initial phone call from a recruiter or employer is the first sign that your resume has made an impression and that you’ve passed the initial screening process. This is their first chance to assess your suitability, and your first opportunity to get a better understanding of the role.

2.  An aptitude test

Employers often use cognitive tests, personality tests or written skills tests to shortlist applicants further. These tests might be conducted early on in the process or sometimes even during the interview, and their importance should never be underestimated.

3.  A request for examples of work

If an employer decides to take a further interest in your application, they may want to see a portfolio of work you’ve done before. Make sure you provide them with not just your best work, but work that is relevant to the role you are applying for.

4.  An interview (followed by a second interview)

If you’ve secured an interview then your application has clearly progressed well. The company may conduct several interviews prior to offering the job, so a call back for a second interview is a good gauge that you are moving along the process nicely. Use this second face-to-fate meeting to build on the discussions had in your initial one.

5.  A team introduction

If the interview goes well, you may be introduced to members of the team or the department for which you are applying. This is another positive sign, as it is generally a way for an employer to see whether you are a cultural fit for the organisation. Team members’ impressions will count for a lot, so make the effort to build a good rapport.

6.  A reference check

Make sure to give your nominated referees enough information about the role you are applying for, so they can give a tailored, relevant reference when called for one. Ask them to let you know if and when they do get a call, as a reference check is usually the last step before an official job offer.

7. A letter of offer!

If everything goes well, then the final step is a formal offer of employment. Read through the offer carefully and check that the role and employment details are what you expected.

While you wait...

The above steps could take anything from a few days to a few weeks to happen, so instead of twiddling your thumbs and waiting to hear back, here are some things to be doing in the meantime.

- If the employer has mentioned a specific timeframe to get back to you by and fails to do so, then it’s perfectly acceptable for you to get in touch and follow up to see where things are at. You will either get a definitive answer about your progress or an explanation for the delay.

- This is a good chance for you to look at the job and company more closely and really evaluate all the pros and cons. Determine if you have any major reservations to taking an offer if you do get one, or any other questions you want clarified by the employer.

- Don’t put your job search on hold. Even if you’re feeling good about your progress, its best to continue with applications just in case things don’t work. While you wait for one opportunity to work out, another better one might get overlooked.

Stay focused on the positives and be prepared for any outcome.  If you have done your best with your application and interview and you truly are the ideal candidate for the job, the phone will ring. And if not then its important to maintain your job search momentum going to find other suitable opportunities.