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How can our candidate job portal myworkpac help you?

01/05/2019BY: Tracey Mesken

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job or you’re currently working for us, myworkpac can make life a bit easier! As a job seeker, you can update your contact details, quickly add in any tickets or licenses, and tell us your industry industry and occupation to help us match you with work. If you’re a WorkPac employee, you can easily and securely view and download your payslips, access your employee benefits, and more! Keep reading to learn how myworkpac can help you.

For Job Seekers

Getting started with myworkpac

First things first! Do you have a myworkpac account? Or do you have an account but aren’t sure how to use it? Just follow the simple steps below to get started:

Update your details anytime, anywhere!

  • So, your account is set up. Have you:

    Started or ended a role

    Updated your resume

    Got a new ticket or licence

    Moved towns/cities

If so, then keep us updated so we can match you to the right roles. We’ve made it easy for you to log in on any device – whether it be your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – and quickly and easily make those changes. Once you’ve logged into myworkpac, just follow these two steps:

  1. Select ‘My info’ on the homepage

  2. Then select ‘My Job Seeker Profile’

Once you’re in your job seeker profile you can select the section that you want to update.

Get matched for work

When you have a myworkpac account, you become part of a secure database that our recruiters use to find candidates for roles

Say one of our recruiters is doing a search to find a fitter in Darwin. If you’ve set up your myworkpac account with your current location as Darwin and your work history has been kept up to date with any previous fitter roles you’ve worker, you’ll be more likely to show up in that recruiters search and can be contacted for that role.

So, by setting up your profile and taking those few minutes as needed to quickly update your details, you will increase your chances of landing a new job!

For Employees

Easily access and download your payslips

Payslips are available online through myworkpac, in line with industry best practice for secure delivery of payslips and sensitive data, as myworkpac is far more secure than other methods like email. It also makes it easy for you to access your payslips, as you can use any device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop), and you can get all current and historical payslips in the one place. To access your payslips in myworkpac, just follow the steps below! And to learn more, check out our payslip process blog.

You can also make this process even easier by setting up quick access to payslips in myworkpac. Just follow these steps:


You can also use myworkpac to access myrewards, which offers discounts and assistance for a range of products including Financial Services, Health and Life Cover, Superannuation and Telco.

To access myrewards, just follow these three steps!