Top Ten Resolutions for 2017

BY: Tracey Mesken31/12/2016

​Now is the time to start thinking about what you want 2017 to look like and what you want to achieve. Daunting right?Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation for setting pretty wild New Year’s resolutions. His 2016 promise was to build artificial intelligence to run his home (think Jarvis from Iron Man).We’re not suggesting you make an epic promise like creating AI. But it is a great time to think about your health, career and interests and what goals you would like to kick in these areas.To get you started, here’s our top ten career resolutions to inspire you.10 CAREER RESOLUTIONS TO INSPIRE YOU Start developing the skills I need for my next career move.Take the first step towards completing a professional qualification.Join a professional association related to my field in order to expand my knowledge and network.Initiate a problem-solving discussion instead of stewing in silence when I am upset.Master new technologies related to my work.Stop griping about how much I hate my job and create a plan for career change.Research resume-preparation techniques and rewrite my resume.Subscribe to the WorkPac blog and use the online resources to help develop my job-search skills.Have a discussion with my boss about my career goals.Start contributing to my retirement plan to help secure my future.Our New Year’s resolution is to continue living our purpose. To find you meaningful employment that will benefit your lifestyle and ambitions. This year we employed over 300 full-time workers and placed over 6,500 people in jobs across Australia. We can’t wait to pair even more job seekers with the right job in the year ahead.In 2017, we will continue to improve on the exceptional services we provide to our clients and to our workers.Happy New Year from the WorkPac Group!Stay safe and look after each other as you rein in 2017.