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We encourage our coal mine workers (CMWs) to visit this web page regularly for updates on progress regarding the Agreement.


We are pleased to advise that the Fair Work Commission has approved the 2019 Coal EA. This means the provisions of the new 2019 Coal Agreement now come into effect.  


  • The minimum rates and conditions, for both Base Rate and Flat Rate Coal Mine Workers (or CMW’s) will be in accordance with the 2019 Agreement. If your current rates of pay are below the 2019 Coal EA minimum rates, your rates will be increased to those prescribed in the 2019 EA. 

  • The 2019 Coal EA contains a revised classification structure. If you are impacted by this change in the classification structure, we will “re-classify” your role in line with the new classification structure. This will be set-out in a new Notice of Offer of Employment. For example: if you are engaged as a qualified Tradesperson or “Multi-skilled Operator”, you will be re-classified to a level 4 under the 2019 Coal EA. 

  • Option to request conversion from casual to permanent for those with greater than 12 months continuous service. We anticipate that many people will be interested in investigating this option. WorkPac has implemented a dedicated project team and formal process for receiving and responding to these requests. Initially, we ask for your patience in dealing with enquiries as the new 2019 Coal EA is rolled out across our coal workforce. Our first priority will be to ensure that the relevant rate increases and classification adjustments are applied as soon as possible. 

  • Updated Notice of Offers for those CMWs with a rate uplift or revised classification structure, will be issued as a priority.

 WorkPac is pleased to be rolling out this new 2019 Coal EA, which provides significant benefits for our coal workforce. Additional resources are provided on this page below which provide more details on the provisions of the new 2019 Coal EA.  


For a copy of the Agreement click here or alternatively you can also contact your WorkPac Representative or local WorkPac Business Centre. 

Contact your recruitment coordinator for information on:

  • Your classification, your employment type e.g. casual/permanent, and any general questions about your entitlements under the Agreement 

Contact our dedicated permanent conversion team for information on:

Click below to download a copy of our FAQ’s

 Click below to download a copy of the Request to convert from Casual to Permanent employment form 



WorkPac Coal Mining Agreement 2019; and

A copy of the Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010 (the "Award") which is incorporated into the Proposed Agreement

A briefing document called the Explanatory Notes, which explains the terms contained in the Proposed Agreement, compared to the current Agreement and the Award

Black Coal Industry Modern Award click here

Fair Work Act 2009 which contains the National Employment Standards (NES) click here

Fair Work Regulations 2009 click here

Mine Superannuation information click here

Superannuation information click here

Coal Mining Industry Long Service Leave information click here

You can access the Australian and New Zealand testing methods AS4760, AS/NZ 4308 and/or AS3547 by: contacting the Employee Relations Department by emailing WorkPacEBA@WorkPac.com