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Safety in focus: Reporting Near Misses

21/08/2014BY: Tracey Mesken

​We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our co-workers to help make our work environments as safe as possible. The difference between a fatal incident and a near miss may only be a fraction of a second or a centimetre, so speak up!

What should you report?

ANYTHING that you think has the potential to cause harm to you, your workmate or property. This can even be observations that you make as well as actual incidents.

Who should you report it to?

Go to your immediate onsite supervisor, or if you work in an office talk to the relevant health and safety representative or Office Manager.

When should you report it?

It must be reported immediately or as soon as reasonably practicable so that the likelihood of a similar incident being repeated can be limited.

Reporting accidents and incidents could not only save you and your work mates from serious injury, but is also your legal obligation as an employee.

Focussed on Zero Harm The safety of our people is our absolute priority. To report a safety incident or hazard, call us on 1300 967 572 or click here to submit a report