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World first - Driverless trucks move iron ore in Pilbara mines

10/12/2015BY: Tracey Mesken

​Rio Tinto's mines in the Pilbara, Western Australia, are the first two in the world to move all iron ore using remote controlled trucks.

Workers are controlling the driverless trucks from an operations centre in Perth, 1,200 kilometres from Rio Tinto's pits at Yandicoogina and Nammuldi.

Josh Bennett, Rio Tinto Mining Manger for operations at Yandicoogina, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the technology mitigates dangerous jobs while also slashing operating costs.

"We have taken away a very high risk role, where employees are exposed to fatigue," he said.

Mr Bennett said newly created jobs for highly skilled positions would eventuate from this beneficial technology.

Read the full story by Kathryn Diss via ABC News, here:

Source: Kathryn Diss, ABC News, 19th October 2015.