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WorkPac Employee receives the Robe Valley Employee of the Year Award

06/08/2018BY: Tracey Mesken

​In a watershed moment as part of the 2018 Pannawonica NAIDOC Awards, WorkPac had the honour of presenting Christina Hillman the first ever award for WorkPac Robe Valley Employee of the Year. She was presented the award by WorkPac’s Kath Collins, who made the proposal on behalf of WorkPac to have the new award added in addition to the Rio Tinto Employee of the Year Award, as part of the ongoing partnership between the companies.

To honour the Robe River Kuruma Marthudunera people, the awards handed out were framed images of Pannawonica Hill, located on Robe River near the mines. The Kuruma name for Pannawonica Hill is Parlapuuni, meaning a mound of mud from under the sea. The Robe River and Pannawonica Hill are the most significant sites to the Kuruma people. The water in the river is called Jajiwura, and each of its tributaries and major water holes have their own Kuruma names.​

Christina Hillman (R) was presented the award by Kath Collins (L)

Christina Hillman (R) was presented the award by Kath Collins (L)

The theme of NAIDOC Week this year was ‘Because of her, we can!’, celebrating Indigenous women who have made their mark as pioneers, roles models, leaders and change makers, so it was only fitting that the award was presented to someone who exemplifies that theme.

Christina is a quiet achiever, but through her commitment leads by example on site, always there to lend a helping hand to those who need it, and willing to do the tough jobs when others hesitate. Well respected by all on site, she is known for her fantastic attitude and work ethic, in addition to her friendly, patient and understanding nature.

Working in the traditionally male-dominated area of operating Heavy Mining Equipment, she is a shining example of a strong Indigenous female role model, with strong potential to advance her mining career and move into a leadership position in the future.

We’re incredibly lucky to have an employee as hard-working as Christina on board with us, and we cannot wait to see where her career in mining takes her.