Christmas Payslip Hsc

WorkPac Health & Social Care's guide to understanding payroll over the Christmas period

29/11/2019BY: Tracey Mesken

​Over the busy holiday season, the last thing you want to be left wondering about is when you’ll be receiving your pay. All WorkPac employees have received emails and SMS communication regarding their pay changes over the Christmas period.

  1. Check the bottom of your payslip

WorkPac puts messages on your payslip about upcoming changes to processing days. If you have any questions about accessing your payslips, check out some of our frequently asked questions here.

With Christmas & New Year fast approaching, please be advised of the following pay processing dates:

  • Week Commencing Monday 23th December 2019:
  • Week Commencing Monday 30th December 2019:
  1. Understand your banks processing days

Pays may also be delayed further with your bank due to public holidays, so be sure to contact them to find out how they approach transferring money on public holidays.

  1. Talk to your recruitment Coordinator

If you have any concerns regarding pay over the Christmas period, please get in touch with your recruiter in advance by calling 1300 967 572. To stay up to date on when your local business centre is open during the holidays, be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming post on all business centre hours.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.