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How to keep the flu at bay this winter

06/06/2019BY: Tracey Mesken

​While a sick day here and there may not seem like a bad thing the flu is not the way to have break from the day to day grind.  The flu can be contracted through direct or indirect contact, meaning that it may not be enough just to avoid people who are sick. Transmission can occur through surfaces as well as through the air. On top of this a person who has the flu may be contagious a day before they show any symptoms!

So, with the flu season upon us what can you do to minimise your chance of getting sick?

Wash your hands often and well – This can help kill any germs on your hands before they make you sick, it will also help to prevent spread anything that you may have.

Replace hand towels often

Be careful when preparing food – if you are sick you may spread germs through food preparation areas. If you are feeling unwell, ask someone else if they can prepare food for the family and only serve yourself.

Use hand sanitiser


Without enough sleep, our immune systems are not able to work to their full strength.

Eat well

Eating healthy foods can help our bodies and immune system to be better prepared to fight off any illnesses.

Get the flu vaccine

The best and most effective way of keeping the flu away, this is an annual vaccine.