Nicole Gray Blog Post

This month we celebrate Nicole Gray's 14th anniversary with the WorkPac Group

01/07/2022BY: Brianna Ormerod

This month we celebrate Nicole Gray's 14th anniversary with the WorkPac Group. Please see below some words from Nicole on her WorkPac journey.

What has been the highlight of your WorkPac career so far?

There have been many highlights over the years. First reaction is naturally always the big-ticket items, like winning National Recruitment Coordinator of the Year, attending our annual Leaders Conference and the opportunity to progress my career.  But if I truly stop and reflect on the highlights it is the people I have worked with at WorkPac. 14 years of working with amazing people has resulted in many friendships, a strong sense of camaraderie and an unrelenting commitment to deliver.

What have you learned during your career at WorkPac?

First, is resilience. For anyone that has worked in recruitment, resilience is paramount. You need to be resilient. You need to be able to “shake it off”, pull your socks up and focus on the next opportunity.

Second, is embracing the moments of fear we all face in our day-to-day role. It is easy to take the easy road and remain in your comfort zone, but to stand up and take a step forward is empowering and rewarding. 

If WorkPac was an animal, what would it be, and why?

Definitely a Cheetah. We are fast and agile, and I love anything animal print!

From Nicole’s Team:

Nicole is by far the most supportive, encouraging and motivating Manager we could ask for. She pushes us to get out of our comfort zone and grow within our roles and the organisation. Nicole gives her team the respect of autonomy and the room to work together when needed. This has built a group of very closely connected and collaborative people. It has all been achieved from scratch despite geographical distances and the limitations of virtual dealings. It is a testament to her honest personality, management style and people skills – to bring out the best in people, some of who she has never met in person.

Nicole, you have created something very special with our team and we are all incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Today we celebrate you!