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CEO UPDATE | National Reconciliation Week 27 May - 3 June 2023


This year, National Reconciliation Week adopts the theme of ‘BE A VOICE FOR ALL GENERATIONS’, encouraging all Australians to actively contribute to reconciliation efforts in their everyday lives.

At WorkPac, we are dedicated to supporting reconciliation by fostering a deeper understanding, enhancing education, and taking meaningful actions that promote a fair and equitable nation for everyone.

National Reconciliation Week provides an opportunity to explore and appreciate Australia’s shared history, diverse cultures, and remarkable achievements. WorkPac takes great pride in its diverse workforce and encourages active participation from all individuals. We invite all our employees to engage with local community events to get involved and broaden your knowledge and appreciation for Indigenous history and cultures.

More information about National Reconciliation Week can also be found at Reconciliation Australia's website.


Hamish Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

The WorkPac Group