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National Safe Work Month 2023

02/10/2023BY: Bernie Dwyer

October is National Safe Work Month

a time to for all of us to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. A safe and healthy workplace benefits all of us.  

For everyone’s safety, work safely.


WorkPac’s primary commitment is to your health and safety, and we are strong advocates of National Safe Work Month and actively encourage all of you to put safety in the forefront of your minds not just in October each year but on each and every day, take the time to think about the tasks you are undertaking, what could go wrong and how you can do it safely.

Working safely can become a habit if you prioritize your own personal safety and that of others. 

WHAT we can do EVERY DAY

Work together to manage risks at work

Habit number one – think about the hazards associated with the task you are about to undertake. What could go wrong? How can I do this safely? What are the controls I know are in place? Has anything changed? What else can I do to make this safer for me and my colleagues? This thought process is a basic risk assessment.

Please take the time to read through the WorkPac site hazard register and the required safety controls on each site you are assigned to so that you know what the risks are!

​Work together to protect our mental wellbeing

Habit number two – take care of your personal safety, including your mental wellbeing,  know your rights at work, seek assistance when necessary.

Work life can at times involve psychosocial hazards, these are the things in our daily lives that can impact our mental health such as:

-time pressures

- Job demands

- exposure to trauma

- physical environment

- bullying and or harassment

- conflict

​Work together to support each other for safe and healthy workplaces

Habit number three – Support your colleagues and team members. Being younger or inexperienced or learning a role, having a culturally diverse background,  working alone or in an isolated location, or returning to work after an injury can make some team members more vulnerable to harm.

By supporting each other, we can make work safe for everyone.