Scam Alert 3

SCAM ALERT - Beware of emails posing as a WorkPac recruiter

29/01/2024BY: Samara Thorne

We have received information regarding a recent scam where individuals are sending fraudulent emails and impersonating representatives from WorkPac.The email requests that the recipient click on the attached job offer to check their details. The attachment is malicious – do not open the attachment. The email uses a WorkPac recruiter's name and title but is not from a WorkPac email address. 

For advice on how to spot and avoid email scams, please visit


WorkPac email communication only comes from an email address. If you are unsure about any email, SMS or message, please call our team on 1300 967 572 or email us at contactus@workpac.comto report it. 

If you have identified something as potentially fraudulent or a scam, please screenshot it, before deleting it from your inbox and deleted items on your device.


If you receive any fraudulent email such as this one, please report it to:

Example of the Scam Email

Example of legitimate WorkPac email