New year new job?

BY: Tracey Mesken02/01/2019

​New Year’s Eve is done and dusted and many of us are kicking off 2019 with fresh new year’s resolutions. But as we head into the year and our busy lives catch up to us, we often find it's just as easy to break new year’s resolutions as it is to make them.​A big goal for many people as they start a new year is a change of job; maybe you're feeling restless, you're just looking for a change of pace, or you want to go in a completely new direction. Whatever the reason, we have the resources to help.Here’s some great tips on writing a resume that stands out and nailing that all important interview, there's also plenty of other posts on our blog to point you in the right direction. Often preparation is the key to success, so making you have all these basics covered before you start applying can help you land the job you're looking for.When it comes to applying for roles, you need to stay diligent. Make sure to check out job boards daily and set up job alerts so you never miss new positions. More popular roles often won’t stay open for long, so doing this will ensure that you're not missing out on important opportunities. WorkPac has 100's of positions available on our site, which you can view and apply for here. To narrow down your results, you can also use our advanced search, which lets you filter jobs by location and job type. You can also set up a job alert with us here.Touching base with a recruiter about the type of work you’re looking for is also a great way to get a bit of guidance. Don’t hide behind a keyboard! With over 40 Business Centres Australia wide we’re bound to have one recruiting in your area, so give us a ring on 1300 967 572 or find your closest business centre here.Most importantly, don't give up! Searching for a new job can be a long and often frustrating process, but the payoff when you land the role you're looking for is always worth it. So keep looking, keep applying, and stay focused on your goals for 2019.


How the right mindset and attitude can lead to a permanent role at Rio Tinto

BY: Tracey Mesken26/11/2018

​WorkPac would like to congratulate Marley, one of several WorkPac employees at the Mesa A site who have gone permanent with Rio!​In late 2017 WorkPac and JobTrail underwent a recruitment drive in the Pilbara region focused on offering young Indigenous job seekers who were interested in mining a pathway into the industry. Marley was part of a Robe Valley assessment centre run by the JobTrail team where he was a standout candidate and landed a role as a trainee operator on site at Mesa A.Throughout his entire traineeship Marley’s work performance has been of the highest level and he has been a great team player. Our Site Manager for Mesa A, Kath Collins, caught up with Marley’s Supervisor Dean to learn more about what earned him a permanent position.“Marley is a positive young guy. He is a very productive worker and is always the first to put his hand up for other jobs when the trucks are down. He is a real go getter of a young bloke, and that is why we progressed him. Everyone in the team speaks highly of him. I am confident that Marley will be a great asset to our team and will go a long way with Rio Tinto” he said.When asked what advice he would give to other young people looking for a career in mining, Marley emphasised the importance of keeping a good attitude on site.“Definitely, the number one thing is to have a good attitude. Don’t let the information overload get to you or overwhelm you at first- because there is so much to learn! … There is a lot of adjusting to do at first, but ease into it and be willing to keep an open mind about it all. Be willing and eager to learn, be flexible, and give everything a go!”Kath also spoke with Marley about the best parts of the job, who spoke highly about the Mesa A site and crew.“I would have to say the People, I work with a great bunch of people who make it enjoyable to come to work and catch up. Mesa A is a great Site. The crews are pretty small, so you get to know everyone really well, and feel part of a close team. I felt part of the team from the moment I got out here. Finally, it is a great learning environment, there is always something new learn, and Mesa A and the managers are really encouraging of that”Marley is a fantastic example of how the right attitude and mindset can lead to great things, and a great role model for all those looking to crack into the industry. We would like to wish him the best of luck as he continues his mining career with Rio Tinto- we’re sure he’s going to go far!


WorkPac's Guide to Coal Mining for Operators

BY: Tracey Mesken17/10/2018

​Are you an experienced Operator looking for work in Coal Mining? Check out our infographic below for information on where the roles are, the qualifications needed, and what recruiters look for.For information on Entry Level Operator roles, stay tuned for our next post over the coming weeks.​​​Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming posts on Entry Level Coal Mining roles and the types of machinery used on coal sites!You can check out our available roles here or contact your nearest office here


Finding a job with WorkPac: Part Two

BY: Tracey Mesken27/08/2018

​If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Part One of this post, where we covered the registration process, and the best way to search for roles. For Part Two we’ll be covering the application process and how to set up a Job Alert.*Preparing for your next job interview​Your job alert is separate to your myworkpac account, so you will need to begin by setting that up.​Now that you have an account, it’s time to start setting up your alerts. You create a job alert directly from the from the Job Alerts page, or you can set one up while doing a job search. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to do both.​​


Finding a job with WorkPac: Part One

BY: Tracey Mesken27/08/2018

​Interested in finding a job through WorkPac but not sure where to start? To make it simple, we’re going to walk you through the process of registering via our website, and the best way to use our job search to find the right role for you. So follow these steps to success!Before you can apply for a role through us, you will need to first register your details and experience via our website here. You can also register from our homepage anytime by selecting the icon from the right hand side:The more complete your profile with us is, the better the chance that you will show up when recruiters are searching for candidates. So complete these steps to stand out.​Now that the basics are in, you also have the option of adding your work history, preferences and documents. These steps aren’t necessary but they are recommended, as the more detailed your profile is the better your chances of standing out.Remember that filling out these details doesn’t guarantee a job. See our job search for the next steps.Once your profile is complete, you’re ready to search for jobs! We’ve set up our job search to make it easy for you to specify what you’re looking for. It’s not necessary to fill out all the fields provided, but the more you input the more specific your results will be.​You have a quick search bar on​Or, you can complete our advanced search​Since you already have an account with WorkPac, you’ll already be set up to easily apply for any of these roles!Now that you’re registered with WorkPac and know the best way to use the job search, stay tuned for Part Two of this post, which covers the application process and how to set up a job alert.


8 Ways to Build Relationships at Work

BY: Tracey Mesken10/04/2017

​When considering how much of the working week is spent with colleagues, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest causes of work-related stress is poor relationships.Taking steps to actively build rapport with work colleagues helps contribute to a harmonious work environment.Just like your personal relationships, nurturing healthy connections at work requires some consideration and effort. Here are eight everyday actions that can help.1. Be considerate of work spacesObserve how your colleagues work and be mindful, particularly when you have to share a space. You may enjoy background music but others may like to work in silence. Or perhaps reconsider your loud ring tone if you see the person sitting near you start to twitch every time you get a call.2. Always respondAcknowledge calls or emails from colleagues as much as you can, even if you are too busy to properly respond at the time. It doesn’t take much effort and is the polite thing to do. Talking face to face always helps strengthen a connection, so occasionally take the opportunity get away from behind your emails and respond directly or over the phone.3. Respect other people's timeEveryone is trying to juggle multiple priorities, so when asking for help with something, don’t blind side a colleague with unrealistic demands or timeframes. A genuine “thank you” is always appreciated so be sure to say it when due.4. Avoid the blame gameIf a project runs into a problem or a deadline isn’t met, resist the urge to blame someone outright. Passing the buck or singling someone out will alienate colleagues and won’t make you seem like a team player.5. Keep to your commitmentsQuite simply, if you say you’re going to do something, do it when you say you will. Set and deliver on expectations and communicate openly and in a timely manner if there are going to be delays. Don’t make people chase you for updates or results.6. Celebrate the success of your coworkersHow good do you feel when someone acknowledges your work or achievements? Do the same for your colleagues, no matter how big or small.7. Don’t let emotions get in the wayWhen you aren’t getting the results you need from a colleague, think before banging out a huffy email, CCing (or worse BCCing) in their manager and half the company along with them. A public email beating is a sure fire way to permanently damage relationships fast so be direct but courteous and keep emotions at bay. Use phone or face to face meetings for robust conversations to ensure nothing is lost in translation over email.8. Have a laughIt is easier to work with and navigate through issues with someone you can share a laugh and relax with. When your workload allows it, go to lunch with colleagues or take five minutes in your day to have an informal chat and connect over non-work related things.The saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” couldn’t ring more true in a workplace. By simply being respectful and having a positive attitude towards your colleagues, you can strengthen your relationships and contribute to a supportive work environment.


Reasons your resume isn't getting noticed

BY: Tracey Mesken03/04/2017

​You submit your resume and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Why isn’t anyone calling?A resume is an important tool in your job search. It is the key to helping you get hired for a position.Your resume is a chance to make a great first impression. It can be tough to stand out in today’s competitive job market.  Follow these tips to create a resume that gets the phone ringing and helps you land the job you want.1. Open with a punchThe first section of your resume should pack the strongest punch.  Your resume needs to be more than just a list of jobs. Start with a summary of your most important skills that are relevant to the jobs you are chasing.  Think about what the employer would be looking for and then tailor your existing skills and qualifications accordingly.  Include things like:• Your degree/s and any specialisations• Licenses’, tickets & certifications like your CPR• Medicals & Inductions• Years of experience• Important skills & industry knowledge2. Your Work HistoryYour work history is where you have a chance to prove your skill level. You might find it difficult to identify your achievements because you feel you were just doing your job.  Have a think about the responsibilities and achievements you take for granted and include these in your resume. Ask yourself questions like:• Did you win any awards of receive incentives for work performance?• Did you train new employees?• Did your work enable a project to be completed on time and/or on budget?• Did you complete any special training?• Did you submit all your reports on time?• Did you implement or recommend processes that improved productivity or efficiency?3. TrainingA stand out resume needs to include hands on education and training.  Use this section to list courses attended, vocational training, further education, certification, licenses completed, signed skills matrix & equipment competencies.4. Include KeywordsEver wondered how prospective employers or recruiters find your resume on platforms like SEEK or in their own databases? They search for candidates using keywords. Using keywords such as "registered nurse"or "nurse case manager" in your resume, for example, will help an employer or recruiter find your resume in their database or on a job board - as long as they're searching for candidates who are either a registered nurse or nurse case manager. This is keyword matching. Always think about what your next employer is searching for when writing your resume.5. Proof ReadSpelling and grammatical errors are very common in resumes.  Avoiding these mistakes can make all the difference in your resume being put forward to possible employers.  Make sure you show your resume to a few people to double check it is error free.  You need to think of your resume as an advertisement of your services, that extra attention to detail will make all the difference.Don’t be disheartened and don’t give up! There are so many roles out there and so many people applying that you are not likely to find the perfect job on your first go.So use the tips above, create that stand-out resume and make sure you set time aside each day to sit down and search for new positions and apply, apply, apply!


JobTrail partners with Queensland State Government and Mackay community to launch Indigenous career preparation program

BY: Tracey Mesken26/02/2016

​Job Trail, Indigenous workforce specialist and member of the WorkPac Group, is joining forces with Traditional Owners, Indigenous and local businesses and State Government departments to launch the Let’s Walk Together career preparation program for Indigenous school leavers.An information session on the Let’s Walk Together program, held in South Mackay last Thursday, encouraged school leavers to sign-up for the program before its official launch in March.Bowen Basin Services and JobTrail will lead the Let’s Walk Together program, providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school-leavers with educational training and cultural support to help identify and map their preferred career pathway. Julian Genn, JobTrail Regional Manager, says the program will grow a talented Indigenous workforce in the Mackay region.“Ultimately we aim to improve Indigenous life outcomes and we are optimistic about a fairer, more inclusive future with proper recognition of the past. This lasting change starts at a local level with education and employment,” Mr Genn said.“Let’s Walk Together is designed to address educational needs in a holistic way, incorporating cultural considerations”.“The Traditional Owners will be involved in the project and genuine partnerships we’ve formed in the region will drive community engagement, enabling us to deliver program outcomes aligned with Indigenous employment targets”.Melisha Johnson was enthusiastic about joining the program and signed up at the information session on Thursday.“The program is an excellent way to help year 13 Indigenous students like myself to get back into study or into the workforce,” Ms Johnson said.“We will be working in close links with JobTrail and Bowen Basin Services, which I think will help us get an understanding of how each organisation can help”.“Let’s Walk Together helps get year 13 kids up and out of bed and into some sort of study or work. I’m sure after the program everyone who participated will appreciate the hard work of each and every person who has made the program possible for us”.Alkira Compass, a 100% owned and operated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business, is contributing key strategies and processes throughout the journey.Mareshah Bowie, Alkira Compass representative, says Let’s Walk Together is about empowering Indigenous school-leavers to understand their connections to identity and community so they can take hold of their own future.“This program offers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school-leavers the opportunity to make better-informed decisions about their future pathways with the support of their cultural community connections,” Ms Bowie said.Representatives from the Queensland Government’s Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) and the Department of Education and Training (DET) strongly endorsed the program.Peter Buckland, Director for the DATSIP Mackay Service Centre spoke about empowering a capable and productive Indigenous workforce with enhanced accountability and offered ongoing support and mentorship to the program participants.'Bruce Williams, Professional Facilitator at Aus IDentities, will work with the students to build self-directed strategies around workplace resilience, communication and self-worth while overcoming negative thinking patterns and focusing on identity construction.Gold Training will also provide training resources to encourage participants to enter an industry of their choice.Schools Pathways Manager at Gold Training, Celeste Grice focused on the importance of learning and will facilitate nationally recognised training relevant to the career goals of each school leaver.If you would like more information on the Let’s Walk Together program or would like to get involved, please contact:Abi Ah Wong, Program Coordinator, Bowen Basin 07 4951 3462Julian Genn, Regional Manager, 07 32512276


Mining Jobs in the Pilbara [infographic]

BY: Tracey Mesken16/02/2016

​WorkPac surveyed 125 Western Australians to understand what's important to our local and FIFO workers in the Pilbara and to job seekers considering mining jobs in the region. We wanted to know who would relocate to the region for work in the mines, what the most popular rosters are and what percentage of mining jobs are FIFO. Check out our infographic to see what our respondents had to say.Would you relocate to the Pilbara for a mining job? Or would you prefer a FIFO job? Register at and our Recruitment Coordinators will let you know what mining jobs we have on offer.Call your local Business Centre todayWorkPac Karratha +61 8 9159 6622WorkPac Newman +61 8 9177 9722WorkPac Port Hedland +61 8 9158 5522WorkPac Tom Price +61 8 9189 2922


New Year's career resolutions

BY: Tracey Mesken31/12/2015

​Like many of you, we're heading off to a New Year's Eve celebration today, armed with a six-pack, a handful of sparklers and an answer to that frequently asked question of the evening, "what's your New Year's resolution"?Now is the time to start thinking about what you want 2016 to look like and what you want to achieve.The most common commitments for the new year are often career related - "I want to move forward in my career, transition into a new industry, upskill in my current role, secure stable employment, find a new, exciting job that challenges me, get the pay rise I know I deserve"!We've created a list of 10 career resolutions to inspire you on your job journey this year. Tip: Write down your goal and the steps you need to take to reach that goal. Make it your screen saver on your phone. Seeing the non-negotiable steps you must action to kick your goals on a daily basis is a great way to stay on track in 2016. 10 career resolutions to inspire you:1.  Start developing the skills I need for my next career move.2. Take the first step towards completing a professional qualification.3. Join a professional association related to my field in order to expand my knowledge and contacts.4. Initiate a problem-solving discussion instead of stewing in silence when I am upset.5. Master new technologies related to my work.6.  Stop griping about how much I hate my job and create a plan for career change.7. Research resume-preparation techniques and rewrite my resume.8. Subscribe to the WorkPac blog and use the online resources to help develop my job-search skills.9. Have a discussion with my boss about my career goals.10. Start contributing to my retirement plan to help secure my future.