Two years on from our first Reconciliation Action Plan

BY: Tracey Mesken29/01/2019

​Two years on from the original launch of our RAP and we have been able to achieve our initial goals, targeting relationships, respect, opportunities, and tracking and progress. Through numerous trainee programs that we have run across Australia with several major companies, we have been able to increase our Indigenous workforce by 265%WorkPac and JobTrail proudly launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2017, following an extensive consultation between members of our executive team and Traditional Owners and Indigenous leaders, including Albert Bowie and the Bowie family.We built our RAP around a vision to help create and advance strong, inclusive communities involving all Australians through active promotion of the benefits of increasing Indigenous employment and training participation, heightening cultural awareness and building mutually respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.VIEW OUR 2017-2019 RECONCILIATION ACTION PLAN HERE >>> ​​With so many of WorkPac’s 40+ business centres based in regional and remote Australia, we feel we have a greater responsibility when it comes to providing employment, education and training opportunities for Indigenous Australians in the communities we operate in.Two years on from the original launch of our RAP and we have been able to achieve our initial goals, targeting relationships, respect, opportunities, and tracking and progress. JobTrail and the WorkPac Group have been able to build strong relationships with Traditional Owner groups across Australia, which has both helped us in providing employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians and in building support systems for those employees.​“WHEN THE TRADITIONAL OWNERS TALK ABOUT JOBS, THEY TALK ABOUT JOBTRAIL. THAT’S WHO WE WANT TO WORK WITH!”– GRAHAM SAUNEY (UNCLE COOKIE)TRADITIONAL OWNER WIDI & BARADA BARNA –​Through numerous trainee programs that we have run across Australia with several major companies, we have been able to increase our Indigenous workforce by 265%. We have also engaged consistently with WorkPac employees over the past two years sharing our joint commitment on our reconciliation journey, providing tools such as cultural awareness training to build further education and understanding across the business.​“KOINMERBURRA ABORIGINAL CORPORATION WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE JOBTRAIL, SAMUEL, MIDDLEMOUNT SOUTH AND THE PARTICIPANTS ON THE SUCCESS OF YOUR PROGRAM AND CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR PEOPLES AND COMMUNITIES. WE WISH YOU ALL WELL IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVOURS AND FUTURE PROGRAMS.”– DIRECTORS OF KOINMERBURRA ABORIGINAL CORPORATION –​Since launching the RAP, we have also been finalists in a number of Reconciliation and Diversity Awards. In 2017 we were highly commended at the Queensland Reconciliation Awards, and in 2018 we were runners up for the ‘Best Company Indigenous Employment and Training Initiative Award’ at the Queensland Resources Council Indigenous Awards, and finalists for the ‘Excellence in Diversity Programs & Performance’ at the 2019 Resources Awards for Women.… “[THIS PROGRAM PROVIDES] MENTORSHIP, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE THAT THE STUDENTS WILL TAKE AWAY WITH THEMFOR LIFELONG LEARNING. IT ALSO PROVIDES BHP WITH FANTASTIC EMPLOYEES FOR THE FUTURE.”– BARBARA SHEEHYBHP SPECIALIST INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT -​We are proud of what has been achieved so far, but there is still a long way to go. We look forward to continuing our involvement in events such as NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week, as well as launching our next RAP in early 2019 and continuing this journey.To learn more about how we can partner with you to help increase the diversity and inclusion in your workforce talk to us today.Call: 1800 255 472Email:, check out our related post on

Payslip Process FAQ

BY: Tracey Mesken28/11/2018

​If you are working with the WorkPac Group, there are changes coming for how you view and access payslips. Previously, we sent payslips out via email or post. We are transitioning to a new system, where you can access (and download) current and recent payslips in the myworkpac site.Payslip Process Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is happening with payslips?If you are working with the WorkPac Group, there are changes coming for how you view and access payslips. Previously, we sent payslips out via email or post. We are transitioning to a new system, where you can access (and download) current and recent payslips in the myworkpac site.​How do I access my payslip?Your payslip is now available via the myworkpac website. Click here to view the how to guideGo to in using your current email address you receive your payslip on. If you don’t have a password, please use the reset option.Select Payslips from the menu​Check out this video for a step by step guide ​ Why are we making this change?There are many reasons why we are making this change, including:This will make payslips accessible in one place for quick and easy viewing of all current and historical payslips.Remove issues with delivering payslips over email. For example, a number of email providers block the PDF email attachments that we send.This change is in line with industry best practice for the secure delivery of payslips and other sensitive data.Will I get an email notifying that a new payslip is available?Yes- All employees will receive an email notification once the payment is processed, after which they can login to myworkpac to view their current and other recent payslips.​What is the myworkpac site?myworkpac is a central online portal for job seekers and people currently working with the WorkPac Group. It allows people to manage and view all their interactions with WorkPac in a secure and easy to use website. For example, if you need to change your bank account you can do it on myworkpac. In addition, myworkpac gives you access to a range of benefits when working with the WorkPac Group through the mybenefits option.​How can I login to myworkpac?Simply go to to login. Please see our guide at the end of this post.You will need to login to your account using the email address you have provided to us previously. If you don’t remember your password use the reset password link. If you joined us more than 12 months ago, or don’t think you have an account, that’s ok we will help you out. If in doubt, please contact your recruiter.​Is there a transition period? When will the transition period begin? And how long will the transition period last for?Yes, there is a transition period where your payslips are available via both email/post and in We encourage everyone to login and familiarise themselves with the process during this period. The transition will start in January and you will be advised on your payslip email that you can now access your payslip in myworkpac (whilst still receiving the pdf version as well). In early February 2019 the transition period will end, after which payslips will only be accessible via myworkpac.​When will the transition period end?The transition period will end in early February 2019.​Can I continue to receive payslips via email?There is a transition phase where you will continue to receive payslips via email. After the transition phase (ending in early February 2019 ), payslips will only be available from the myworkpac site.​Can I get payslips posted to me in the mail?During the transition phase we will continue to send payslips via mail. After the transition phase (ending in early February 2019), no payslips will be sent via post, and payslips will only be available from the myworkpac site.​What do I do if I have trouble accessing my payslip?Contact your recruiter at your local business centre.​Does this process comply with Fair Work?WorkPac Group is compliant with best practices to deliver payslips as per Fair Work Australia.​What other services are available on myworkpac portal?myworkpac has many features:Jobseekers can apply for jobsJobseekers can view the history of jobs they have applied forJobseekers can add work history and other relevant information to improve the chance of finding workThose starting work with the WorkPac Group can add necessary information to be onboarded before starting workFor those working with the WorkPac Group, they can maintain critical details such as bank account details for paying in salary.For those working with the WorkPac Group, they can access special offers and rewards through our partnership with Flare.​myworkpac login and quick access guides ​​​

Workpac Highly Commended at the Qld Reconciliation Awards

BY: Tracey Mesken02/06/2017

​WorkPac are pleased to have been awarded a Highly Commended at the Queensland Reconciliation Awards.  Announced June 1 at a ceremony in Cairns the Awards program recognises businesses, community organisations, educational institutions and partnerships taking positive steps towards reconciliation across Queensland.For WorkPac many of employment and training services are delivered, or in close proximity to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and lands. To date the WorkPac Group Reconciliation initiative has realised several outcomes including:creation of a specialist Indigenous Services division, JobTrail, within the WorkPac Groupcreation of innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2017–19official launch of the RAP on both the East and West Coasts, attended by community groups and clientsdevelopment of WorkPac Group’s reconciliation journey video, narrated by Mr Alec Doomadgee, which introduces the journey as told through the RAP artwork designed by Mr. Stephen Hogarth. The purpose of this video was to raise awareness, among employees and wider communities, of the group’s support and underlying commitment to reconciliationdesign and delivery of several programs of work throughout Queensland which provide training and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesdevelopment of new relationships with community members and support groups across WorkPac Group’s locational footprint which has led to increased participation efforts.As at March 2017, the WorkPac Group has achieved an improved culture of inclusion and awareness towards reconciliation, and strengthened ambition and capacity to move forward, positively, on its journey.The 2017 award winners were announced during National Reconciliation Week, 27 May–3 June 2017.National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2017 marks two major milestones in the reconciliation history of Australia—50 years since the 1967 referendum, and 25 years since the Mabo decision.These events were turning points for rights and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Together, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians need to take the next steps in our reconciliation journey.We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Elders and leaders in the communities in which we work, our employees and our clients. Our journey towards Reconciliation would not be possible without the commitment from all these groups. We also congratulate all other award winners and finalists. You can learn more by visiting the Queensland Government Website is the Indigenous services division of the WorkPac Group. The ultimate aim of the business is to improve Indigenous life outcomes. We are optimistic about the prospects of a fairer, more inclusive future, proper recognition of the past and the capacity of genuine partnerships to deliver meaningful and lasting change well into the future. Learn more at


8 Ways to Build Relationships at Work

BY: Tracey Mesken10/04/2017

​When considering how much of the working week is spent with colleagues, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest causes of work-related stress is poor relationships.Taking steps to actively build rapport with work colleagues helps contribute to a harmonious work environment.Just like your personal relationships, nurturing healthy connections at work requires some consideration and effort. Here are eight everyday actions that can help.1. Be considerate of work spacesObserve how your colleagues work and be mindful, particularly when you have to share a space. You may enjoy background music but others may like to work in silence. Or perhaps reconsider your loud ring tone if you see the person sitting near you start to twitch every time you get a call.2. Always respondAcknowledge calls or emails from colleagues as much as you can, even if you are too busy to properly respond at the time. It doesn’t take much effort and is the polite thing to do. Talking face to face always helps strengthen a connection, so occasionally take the opportunity get away from behind your emails and respond directly or over the phone.3. Respect other people's timeEveryone is trying to juggle multiple priorities, so when asking for help with something, don’t blind side a colleague with unrealistic demands or timeframes. A genuine “thank you” is always appreciated so be sure to say it when due.4. Avoid the blame gameIf a project runs into a problem or a deadline isn’t met, resist the urge to blame someone outright. Passing the buck or singling someone out will alienate colleagues and won’t make you seem like a team player.5. Keep to your commitmentsQuite simply, if you say you’re going to do something, do it when you say you will. Set and deliver on expectations and communicate openly and in a timely manner if there are going to be delays. Don’t make people chase you for updates or results.6. Celebrate the success of your coworkersHow good do you feel when someone acknowledges your work or achievements? Do the same for your colleagues, no matter how big or small.7. Don’t let emotions get in the wayWhen you aren’t getting the results you need from a colleague, think before banging out a huffy email, CCing (or worse BCCing) in their manager and half the company along with them. A public email beating is a sure fire way to permanently damage relationships fast so be direct but courteous and keep emotions at bay. Use phone or face to face meetings for robust conversations to ensure nothing is lost in translation over email.8. Have a laughIt is easier to work with and navigate through issues with someone you can share a laugh and relax with. When your workload allows it, go to lunch with colleagues or take five minutes in your day to have an informal chat and connect over non-work related things.The saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” couldn’t ring more true in a workplace. By simply being respectful and having a positive attitude towards your colleagues, you can strengthen your relationships and contribute to a supportive work environment.


WorkPac named runner up for Large Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Seek Annual Recruitment Awards

BY: Tracey Mesken30/11/2016

​The SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards celebrate innovation and excellence within the recruitment industry and the WorkPac Group is proud to place as runner up for Large Recruitment Agency of the Year, 2016.The WorkPac Group was judged on how our organisation fosters diversity and inclusion, drives innovation, supports growth, engages candidates and contributes to the recruitment industry.​CULTUREThe WorkPac Group implemented a number of unique service offerings aligning with our vision to:“Create and advance strong, inclusive communities involving all Australians through actively increasing Indigenous employment and training participation, heightening cultural awareness and building mutually respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.”JobTrail is the WorkPac Group’s specialist division for Indigenous Services. The ultimate aim of the business is to improve Indigenous life outcomes. Our holistic support for candidates focuses on positive identity construction (country and identity), ownership and responsibility, financial literacy, local knowledge and contributors, family elements and walk on country.JobTrail also breaks down common barriers employers face when sourcing, selecting, employing and training Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia.The WorkPac Group’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) launches in January. Under the guidance and governance of Reconciliation Australia, we are creating a formal, documented commitment on a set of action items which will enhance cultural awareness, community participation and ultimately employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.INNOVATIONThe WorkPac Group owes its success to the innovative and dedicated people we work with. The innovative solutions and automated online platforms introduced by our Credit Collections Team to address credit collection challenges has expedited innovative thinking within the team and across the business as a whole.  We will benefit hugely from their work now and into the future.GROWTHIn line with the Group’s five year operational and strategic plan, we set key targets and the delivery of these goals was critical to achieving our number one business priority – the health and safety of our employees.WorkPac faces significant challenges as the majority of our operations are undertaken in Australia’s most hazardous working environments and we employ over 4,500 individuals in regional and remote locations.Our target achievements through 2015/16 included our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate target of  1.0 or less and exceeding our safety interactions per month target of 10% on total employees.Our reputation as a leading provider of safety management continues to drive increased client relationships and heightened candidate engagement levels. This increases our capacity to attract candidates who place explicit trust in our ability to protect them from harm.ENGAGEMENTWorkPac engages candidates at a pre-employment level right through to post-placement support. Our Local Access Policy has seen the Group establish operational presence in regional, rural and remote Australia to provide local support and accessibility to individuals who are more accustomed to long-range, telephone based relationships. The power and efficiency in local, face to face relationships continues to deliver strong candidate and employee engagement.WorkPac also provides Employee Benefits and Assistance Programs to empower our people to succeed at work and maintain healthy, happy lifestyles.CONTRIBUTION TO INDUSTRYWorkPac’s contribution to industry is varied and takes many forms, including:Regional and rural operations, promoting and ensuring recruitment services are available to clients that may otherwise be unaware of the industry’s valueNon-industry associations where our corporate memberships and participation in industry events increases awareness and fuels discussion on industry services and valueStudy papers including a recent commissioned white paper conducted with University of Queensland to promote the benefits of recruitment over in-house effortsSupport for industry events and promotions, such as the recent Recruitment Yarns roadshowWorkPac is proud to be recognised as one of Australia’s industry leaders for workplace culture and inclusion, industry advancement, candidate engagement, growth and innovation.


WorkPac HealthCare Business Centre opens in Milton.

BY: Tracey Mesken30/06/2016

WorkPac opened a new centre to address healthcare worker shortage in Brisbane. The WorkPac Group officially opened its new HealthCare Business Centre in Milton in December 2015, addressing the national shortage of healthcare workers.WorkPac recently ranked amongst the world’s top 100 recruitment firms and specialises in healthcare, mining, construction, engineering, and oil and gas recruitment.With 35 offices throughout Australia, WorkPac is creating a national network that matches sought-after staff to many industries.The new office was opened in response to increasing demand for professional healthcare staff throughout the Brisbane and southeast Queensland region.Business HealthCare Centre Manager, said the new office would concentrate on finding people to fill gaps across the health industry, especially in nursing.“We have a strong contingent of qualified and experienced nurses and we are ready to deliver some much needed relief to healthcare facilities in Brisbane,” she said.“The industry has seen a shortage for some years and we share their excitement that we can offer dedicated service to help meet the huge need for professional staff across Brisbane and beyond.”WorkPac has also created innovative software that can monitor and mobilise qualified staff quickly and guarantee critical controls for checking applicants’ qualifications, background and work history.She said the clever software offers peace of mind for any healthcare business, which most recruitment companies cannot guarantee. The company also conducts medical screening tests for companies that require drug and health screenings.“We have robust screening and verification processes to ensure that we provide the best staff to meet the high standards our clients expect – we listened to our clients’ priorities and this new software helps us respond to their needs,” she said.The Business Centre offers a range of additional services including pre-employment medicals, immunisation, walk-in clinic, healthcare training and workers compensation.​WorkPac HealthCare Brisbane NorthSuite 1, 19 Lang Parade, MILTON QLD 4064+61 7 3039